Friday Favorites 4

1. I was sick recently and binged myself a bunch of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – and now I’m re-watching it agin from the beginning with Jake. Feminist musical comedy? Yes please. The first two seasons are on Netflix. (Kristin has been trying to get me into this for like a year.)

2. One of my favorite additions to my kitchen arsenal last year was a Hamilton Beach Flip Belgian Waffle Maker – It has removable plates so it’s easy to clean, satisfies my inner Leslie Knope, and is great for so much more than waffles!

3. Which leads me to this book: Will It Waffle? The subtitle of the book says it all: 53 Irresistible and Unexpected Recipes to Make in a Waffle Iron. There are a few actual waffle recipes in there (all delicious), but mostly the book is dedicated to other things you can make in a waffle maker. Everything I’ve made has been excellent. My favorites are rosemary waffled hashbrowns, blueberry muffles (muffle waffles), and fwaffle (waffled falafel). Bring on the crispy goodness.

4. Jake’s been a big fan of his big Yeti for a long time now, and he got me my own aqua 20 YETI Tumbler. I LOVE that it keeps my coffee hot for hours–which is lucky because when I bought a replacement coffee pot recently I accidentally got one with no heat plate under the carafe. After I’m done with my coffee for the day, I clean it out and fill it with ice water–there’s still ice when I wake up in the morning after filling it before bed! It’s kind of a miracle.

5. I’ve been reading more home improvement / decor things lately to help get me into the mood to work on my house, and a long time favorite I keep going back to is Vintage Revivals. Her tagline is “Fearless DIY” and that about sums it up! Mandi and her husband are currently renovating an industrial building into their new home and I’m really enjoying following along.

6. I’m super excited to see ladies tell their stories with the Awesome Ladies VIP Book of Me workshop this year! I haven’t decided how I’m going to play along yet, but if you are participating, I’d love to hear your plans!

What are your favorites right now?