Friday Favorites 3

1. My best friend Paul’s band FACEFACE just released their first music video: “We Awesome” (NSFW language). The song won’t get unstuck from my head and the walk-through video is all the more amazing because it was all done in ONE TAKE.

2. So the Kallax from IKEA is a scrapbooker’s dream, because there isn’t a lot of furniture that’s good for those 12×12 (actually bigger than 12×12) albums. I love the one in my office and we just bought another one for the weird hallway-ish space in our finished attic. We’re trying to make our third floor functional instead of half Eliza’s post-tornado room and half Room of Requirement. Can’t wait to put it together this weekend!

3. If you have an older iPhone like me and want to throw it after the recent update because it is so dang slow: never fear! It was an intentional decision on Apple’s part to try to prevent random shut-downs from older batteries that aren’t up to the job anymore. The solution isn’t a fancy new phone, it’s a battery replacement. They’re offering a replacement for cheap as an apology for not being very transparent about what they were doing, but it might take awhile for you to get your fix. Don’t wait: the drastically reduced price for battery replacement is a limited time thing.

4. It’s just better when regular things are cute. I received this Black Cat Teapot (The top comes off and is the cup! The infuser is right in there!) and I love it. My mother in law totally gets me.

5. My favorite place on the planet is City Museum: so happy to have gotten to go back for the third time last weekend. It’s indescribably cool and is sensory overload in the best way. You need to go. Plan a trip. Just do it.

6. My bestie Kristin and the amazing Amanda have started a podcast! Do yourself a favor and start listening to Crafty Ass Female stat. I’d love the content anyway (BECAUSE IT ROCKS), but it’s even better to feel like I’m getting to hang out with Kristin when I’m doing the dishes, so it’s extra special to me.

What are you loving right now?