30 Days of Lists December 2017 | 17-20 | The Nerd Nest

I loved December’s 30 Days of Lists! I shared on Instagram as I went, but here’s the second half of this round gathered together:

This week’s menu

  • black bean goat cheese quesadilla
  • ravioli gratin
  • pesto chicken
  • fwaffle
  • chai tea brownie cookies

When in doubt, _____

  • Go to the [my] library
  • look it up on the web (check your sources)
  • ask an elder
  • just try

A day with my favorite people includes

  • a big dinner
  • lots of talk and laughter
  • a fun adventure
  • great art / media

Ways to get on my “nice” list

  • be nice
  • bring me / make me coffee
  • say / do woke shit

30 Days of Lists December 2017 | 21-24 | The Nerd Nest

[Lists 22 and 24 were shared on the 30 Days of Lists class blog]

How others helped me this year

  • Poppy (with just everything)
  • Grandpa Ray left us money, which helped pay off student loans
  • awesome case workers + lawyers + judges for Ava’s adoption
  • my ladies with emotional support

Traditions that make me feel at home

  • putting up the snowman from my childhood
  • baking cookies & sweet treats
  • all of our nerdy touches
  • winter crafting

30 Days of Lists December 2017 | 25-28 | The Nerd Nest

Stories to share

  • camping scavenger hunt!
  • Five Christmases in two days! (Six is tomorrow.)
  • The box is better than the actual toy
  • having to drive back for Jake’s phone

Ways to lift spirits

  • listen
  • all of the hugs
  • cook food & talk & laugh together
  • do their fav things

Things I want to remember about this month

  • Getting ornament a day going again
  • So many babies
  • Eliza got a passport!
  • T’s 1st birthday

2017 will be known as the year…

  • Awesome ladies live
  • Ava’s adoption was finalized
  • tween Eliza started middle school
  • Aubrey was born
  • Jonas soccer all-star
  • Kristin + Amy + Kam + I in person!

30 Days of Lists December 2017 | 29-30 | The Nerd Nest

My plans for 2018:

  • Trips: Colorado, Yellowstone, camping, Michigan, Florida, *OR* CO again
  • 100 books (harder books)
  • 52 new projects / recipes
  • joy

I will celebrate the New Year by…

  • counting down with the kids on East Coast time
  • taking a silly all family selfie
  • hanging in STL!
  • apple juice: sparkling

If you listed, let me know how to find yours in the comments!

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