Friday Favorites_1

I’m starting a new series around here! I needed to slow down on blogging for a long time there, but I’m back to it regularly enough now for a weekly something. There are lots of things I’ve been excited about, so a round up of favorite things I’ve been using, articles I’ve been reading, and all around cool internet stuff is just the ticket.

Here’s what I’m into right now:

1. We love board and card games around here and try to do a game night most Fridays, sometimes with just us and sometimes with friends or family over. The breakout winner of the year is without a doubt Letter Tycoon, which is like if Scrabble and Monopoly had an actually fun baby that does not take forever and take over your life. Our friends brought it over and we immediately bought one for ourselves and then just purchased another as a Christmas gift.

2. Ali Edwards just opened registration for next year’s One Little Word, her year-long workshop which invites you to choose a word to be a force for change or a lens for reflection throughout the year. I’ve been participating since 2013 and I really love how this workshop helps me think about the big picture of my life and what I want, so I can make better decisions for myself day-to-day. I’ve been sharing less of what I’ve been doing over the past few years because our family fostering situation meant that a lot of what I was focused on couldn’t be shared on the Internet, but I’m hoping to share a little more next year. (Not settled on 2018’s word just yet.)

3. Jake and I got sick of “non-stick” pans that are only non-stick for a few months and decided to try out a Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet. It works amazingly! It cooks evenly, cleans up super easily, and though it felt like it would be more work to upkeep because you have to rub it down with oil after cleaning it to prevent rust, the fast wash time makes this extra step totally worth it. We just throw a little grapeseed oil on a rag and rub it down after washing. I pretty much use this pan exclusively now. (The 10-1/4-Inch was WAY cheaper at the time of writing.)

4. Weird, confusing musicals are my love language. Can’t stop watching “Shia LaBeouf” Live. (Don’t worry, it’s short.)

5. Statistics can save lives! This article, The Serial Killer Detector, on a computer program that aims to find similarities between murders to figure out which ones are connected was fascinating.

6. I’m irrationally in love with Porgs from the new Star Wars movie. Even though you only see about one second of them in the trailer, they are so adorable that I’m involuntarily obsessed. After playing with the Porg Electronic Plush in a bunch of different stores while Christmas shopping, I bought one for myself (even though it’s silly). I do a little wiggle with it when I’m stressed out and it instantly improves my mood. Give me all of the very sad penguins with huge eyes.

7. I’m in new mom territory with a tween in the house, and I really enjoyed this article on raising a teenage daughter by Elizabeth Weil, with annotations by her daughter Hannah W Duane.

What are you loving right now?