Here are some of the things I’m loving this week:

Friday Favorites 2

1. My hands, especially my knuckles, have been very dry recently, thanks to the drop in humidity and constant hand washing after changing baby diapers and cleaning. I tried out Trader Joe’s Ultra Moisturizing hand cream trio and it is fantastic–makes my hands feels soft but not greasy and I don’t need to re-apply every time I wash my hands. I think this might be a limited time item, so I’m going to stock up next time I go.

2. The kids have been obsessed with Sia music videos and we’ve been playing her new Christmas album. We especially love the claymation holiday music videos: Candy Cane Lane, Ho Ho Ho, Underneath the Mistletoe.

3. I am not good at being a person in the cold. I just want to lay underneath a bunch of blankets in a warm bubble and do pretty much nothing. Fuzzy socks have been helping me be a functional human as the weather gets colder.

4. I’ve been eyeing this Think Geek Solar Orbit Necklace for a long time and finally picked it up on sale. I love that it’s nice enough looking to wear when I dress up (I wore it to a wedding last weekend), but I have a little bit of nerd fun too. It makes me feel like Ms. Frizzle. The strands do get tangled easily, so I have to be careful how I store it.

5. Back to being cold, I’m really thankful for Dap Seal ‘N Peel Removable Caulk, which Jake used to seal our leaky old window frames. It isn’t super subtle, but it’s better than the plastic stuff over the windows that we were using. Its pulls off easily and doesn’t leave a trace too. It makes a huge difference.

6. One of the best articles I read this week was Wired’s How One Woman’s Digital Live was Weaponized Against Her. It really shows the depth of harassment achievable in the digital age, how difficult it is to persecute, the very real effects it can have on victim’s lives, and how vulnerable we really all are.

7. And to end on a fun note, song-ified I have six cats has been stuck in my head all days. This is totally Eliza, who wants to be a cat cafe owner when she grows up.

What are you into right now?