Show How You Are Documenting December | December Nerd Nest Challenge 1

The November Nerd Nest Challenge is to Document December.

It’s a busy season for documenting for so many of us, so I’m not adding onto that with a challenge that asks you to make more. Instead, I’d love to see your plan for documenting December! Hopefully hearing others’ process, methods, and ideas will help us all out. Share how you are documenting in the comments!

Here’s how I’m documenting:

Show How You Are Documenting December | December Nerd Nest Challenge 2

Since 2009, I’ve participated in Ali Edward’s December Daily, documenting each day in December in a mini album. I’ve done this different ways over the years (sometimes starting a few days before Thanksgiving). Often, I’ll start off the month making pages as I go, then I’ll finish the album months later.

2015 and 2016 were especially difficult years in December and I’m still working on those albums. (I used the December Daily excitement in November to motivate myself to work on those!)

It doesn’t really matter to me when they get done, but it really helps me to at least pick the stories as I go along in December, which makes it possible for me to finish the album much later if needed. Document Now, Make Later!

This year, I’ll be sharing as I go on my Instagram. I’ll blog about my finished pages once a week or so.

If you want to see my past December Daily albums, here’s 2009 (which I finished in 2012!), 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013.

Show How You Are Documenting December | December Nerd Nest Challenge 3

I’m participating in the December 2017 round of 30 Days of Lists! I’ll be sharing those as I go on Instagram too, and share round up posts here too. I love my fun, simple method for this year, which helps me to list daily, even if I don’t have much time. I love being able to get that daily creativity in when I don’t have time for my December Daily album.

Show How You Are Documenting December | December Nerd Nest Challenge 4

I’m also doing an Ornament a Day project with my kids again this year. This is something I used to do with Eliza, but suspended as our family grew. This year, to make it work, we’re counting it if ANY kid makes an ornament instead of trying to wait until all three of them can do something together, so the big kids can do crafts after Ava goes to bed, Ava can do one while the big kids are at school, and we can make ornaments that require different skill levels. To document this project, I’m just taking simple photos with my phone each day. I’ll make a collage of them when we’re through for my December Daily album!

I’ll also be doing my regular memory keeping for the month: I recorded Day in the Life on the 1st and will make a pocket spread for that. I’ll still make weekly pocket pages to capture everyday photos that didn’t make it into December Daily (though sometimes there’s a little bit of overlap).

How are you documenting December?

I want to see your take on the challenge! Share a link in the comments or use the hashtag #nerdnestchallenge on social media!