30 Days of Lists Base December 2017 | The Nerd Nest 1

Registration for December’s 30 Days of Lists is now open! I’m celebrating my anticipation of my favorite challenge by prepping the book I’m using for my listing.

30 Days of Lists Base December 2017 | The Nerd Nest 2

I’m using the same I Love It All 30 Days of Lists Traveler’s Notebook insert I used for my September 2017 30 Days of Lists album. For September, I used a page for each prompt and included a photo for each. Because I included a title page spot for September and December, I didn’t have enough pages left in the insert to do that for this round. So I decided to split each page into two!

Here are the supplies I’m using to list for this round:

30 Days of Lists | December 2017 | The Nerd Nest

I decided to do some stash busting for this, breaking up the pages with strips of washi tape and using a variety of number stickers for each list spot.

I drew rectangles around the numbers, and I think I’ll do that for other elements on the page as well. I might do the title of each list on a label and draw a box around it and then draw another box around my lists. I’m also thinking about raiding my stash for fun small embellishments to use as bullet points.

I loved doing photos last round, but since I’m doing December Daily during the December round, I think simpler is better!

30 Days of Lists December 2017

Are you joining 30 Days of Lists in December? How will you be listing?

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