7 Tips for Documenting Thanksgiving

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Today I’m sharing tips for documenting Thanksgiving!

Don’t forget the Thanksgiving crafts! Today is totally hand turkey day. #nndailytip

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Last #nndailytip for Thanksgiving: Be gentle with yourself if you need it. Most of what we see memory keepers share of holidays is the good times, but for many, holidays can be really hard. You may have very ill or recently deceased loved ones, people may be missing due to incarceration or estrangement, families may be broken, arguments might break out. You get to choose how you document these things. You might: skip recording it altogether because it is too painful, give yourself healing time before you try to record your memories, choose to focus on the positive, include acknowledgments that things were hard without going into detail, or include hidden journaling that explores and records your feelings. I use a combination of these things, depending on how I am handling things and what I think is important to remember.

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What are your favorite tips for documenting Thanksgiving?

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