100 Days Project - 100 Days of Memory Keeping | The Nerd Nest

Yesterday marked the end of my 100 Days Project, inspired by a community 100 Days Project with The Scrap Gals.

If you haven’t heard of the 100 Days Project, check out their 100 Days Project podcast episode. These projects have been floating around the creativity community for a while now (I actually started a poetry one over the summer–which I paused during this project), but I loved the interpretation of doing it for memory keeping.

The idea is to pick something and work on it for 100 days. It could be 100 days of journaling, sketching, a certain type of photo taking, etc. I knew that this would take place during a hectic time for me, so I went with a flexible concept: 100 days of memory keeping. I didn’t count taking photos, because I typically do that daily anyway, but I did count everything else.

This pushed me to move forward on memory keeping projects even if I didn’t have much time. When I went on vacation and didn’t want to bring scrapping supplies with me, it inspired me to write longer journaling in the moment. When I didn’t feel like sitting down to scrapbook, I at least organized some memorabilia, imported some photos onto the computer from my camera, or printed a few photos.

This not only kept me moving forward, but also just inspired me more in general. Doing the small tasks that didn’t take much time when I was busy or unmotivated got me at my desk and excited about projects to work on. Small tasks were often followed by big bursts of creativity and a cycle of productivity.

Aside from getting ready for my 31 Challenges workshop, I made more during this time period than any other time frame over the past year.

So I’m planning on keeping it going! I’ve been sharing what I’m working on periodically with the hashtag #sg100daysprojectnerdnest on Instagram, but I’m going to try to keep up daily memory keeping tasks. And sharing what I’m doing makes it more fun (and keeps me motivated and accountable). I’m going to start a #dailymemorykeepingnerdnest tag now. I’ll definitly combine days to share sometimes, especially when I’m doing those smaller tasks, but it will inspire me and I hope it will inspire you too!

Did you try a 100 Days Project? Remember if you didn’t finish, you didn’t fail! That just means that you did more than you had to start off with!