October Nerd Nest Challenge

The October Nerd Nest Challenge is to Use Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories are a fun place to share what’s going on real-time, add captions, stickers, or locations, and share everyday things that you don’t necessarily want staying around forever on your Instagram feed. I’ve been seeing an increase in Insta stories from my memory keeping friends, but not a lot of use of those stories in memory keeping projects! You already have the photos and words together, so why not save your stories to your camera roll so you can use them in a quick project?

New to Instagram Stories? Here’s a good How to use Instagram Stories article.

Not on Instagram? Not a fan of Stories? Don’t have a smart phone? Try adding words to photos with other apps, taking screenshots on Snapchat, or mimicking the look with digi or physical products.

Use Insta Stories | October Nerd Nest Challenge 1

Last month, I used Instagram Stories to document my monthly Day in the Life project on September 1st. Instead of taking notes on my phone or trying to make the page soon after I did the documenting, I just jotted descriptions right on my photos in Instagram Stories and saved them to my phone! It made the process much easier.

I did just save some photos to my phone instead of also posting them to my feed (you have the option of saving them before and after posting) and I also noticed after making the page that I missed a few photos I intended on using (I’ll add them on the back of one of these pages).

Doing the project this way did slightly change up my process–I used all portrait orientation photos instead of my usual mix of portrait and landscape and I had to be careful about the different dimensions of Stories: my phone takes photos with an aspect ratio of 3:4 and Stories takes photos with an aspect ratio of 9:16. I had to remind myself to pull back so important parts of the photo wouldn’t get cropped off, since I was actually taking photos with my camera app and just editing them in Stories.

It’s also worth noting that Stories photos will be saved at a lower quality than photos taken with your phone, but my print quality was just fine.

Use Insta Stories | October Nerd Nest Challenge 2

I usually make a double page pocket spread for my Day in the Life pages, but this time I decided I’d rather make a traditional pocket page spread rather than worry about what I wanted to do to make the photos fit into pockets (though I absolutely could have easily mounted these photos onto cards).

I printed them all out at 4 inches tall about built a simple page from there.

I used the black and white September Freckled Fawn kit and white cardstock for this page.

Use Insta Stories | October Nerd Nest Challenge 3

Going on here: The big kids grabbing breakfast before school, Ava going straight to her adoption basket in the morning (this was the day after adoption finalization, and a wonderful local charity gives kids adopted from foster care fun baskets of goodies to make the day special), my Book of the Month picks, Ava watching / singing to Frozen, getting home from school routine, lots more dancing, Jake taking over with my niece after work (I watch her part of the day six days a week now and am generally REALLY ready for a break when he gets home).

Use Insta Stories | October Nerd Nest Challenge 4

Going on here: Morning Ava routine (potty training stickers + fixing hair–which currently has to be tied to some sort of character), heading out for errands in the van with Ava and baby T plus what we were watching / listening to, a self-timer selfie at the pharmacy, my sister-in-law picking up baby T, dinner (Thai take-out), reading bedtime stories, and last minute packing for the trip to Michigan we went on early the next morning.

Use Insta Stories | October Nerd Nest Challenge 5

Because all of my journaling was already on the photos, the only information I really needed to add was the words “Day in the Life” and the date. I used puffy stickers from the Freckled Fawn kit for the title and Ali Edwards Precision Pen 3 to add the date, using underlining and small dots to ground the words.

Use Insta Stories | October Nerd Nest Challenge 6

I used arrow stickers from the kit to show the progression of time. In pocket pages, I usually go from top to bottom on the left page, then top to bottom on the right if I’m showing the order in which things happened. The arrows helps to tell the viewer what order things are meant to be looked at–across both pages from left to right on the top, then from left to right on the bottom row.

Use Insta Stories | October Nerd Nest Challenge 7

I love the look of the washi added to the bottom of the page and a few embellishments in the bottom right corner to balance out the title.

Use Insta Stories | October Nerd Nest Challenge 8

This was such a quick and easy way to complete this project! From now on, I’ll remember to hit “save” on my Stories photos more often so I have the option of integrating the photos + words into my memory keeping projects.

How will you use Instagram Stories in your memory keeping?

I want to see your take on the challenge! Share a link in the comments or use the hashtag #nerdnestchallenge on social media!

Remember that you can do anything you’d like for this challenge–it doesn’t just have to be scrapbooking! Just insert your documenting area (art journaling, videography, etc.) for the word scrapbooking in the challenge!

Check back on Mondays throughout the month of October for takes from the Nerd Nest Creative Team.