Today Nerd Nest Creative Team member Kelly Jean is here to share her take on this month’s Nerd Nest Challenge Use Instagram Stories.

Insta Stories for Wellness with Kelly | Nerd Nest Challenge 1

I super super love Instagram Stories for a few reasons. First, I love that I don’t have to have a different social media account for quicker sharing that disappears after a short time (my siblings had previously been bugging the heck out of me to join Snapchat for this reason!). Second, I love not cluttering up my normal feed and profile with tons of photos and posts. (Let’s face it. We all love to take tons of photos, and even videos, as memory keepers, but I just don’t like them all being in my Instagram feed! This is just my preference, of course.)

Recently, I started a journey to a healthier me, after I went through a very bad, anxiety-filled, and stressful period in June. Around this time, the fabulous Ali Edwards also started sharing her own wellness journey publicly, under the hashtag #aewellnesstribe, and invited others to share their journey as well using the same hashtag. So since June, I’ve been sharing tons of photos, screenshots, and videos of what I’m eating and trying, what exercise and meditations I’m doing, and how I’m feeling.

Insta Stories for Wellness with Kelly | Nerd Nest Challenge 2

I really really love that I can just quickly type up my journaling right onto the photos and share it! I need easy peasy in my life and this is sooo easy! I don’t save all of the photos, screenshots, and videos I share, because let’s face it, it would just be more stuff on my phone that don’t need to be there, so I love that I can just share my posts or my thoughts in the moment and then just move on, and just save the ones that I really really like.

Insta Stories for Wellness with Kelly | Nerd Nest Challenge 3

When Megan presented this challenge, it was a great opportunity for me to print out some of my photos and screenshots and get them in my scrapbook. Up until this, I have not documented any of my wellness journey. And, after all, this journey is a big part of my life right now, and is very important to me, and should be documented. Since the photos and screenshots had so much text on them, I decided to keep my embellishing to a minimum, and just added a few wooden embellishments and a few intentional embellishments from a Story kit (by Ali Edwards. The embellishments used on these pages are from the “First” Story kit). I also added some digital word art that Ali created to use related to your wellness journey.

Insta Stories for Wellness with Kelly | Nerd Nest Challenge 4

I do plan to create a few more pages in the future related to my wellness journey, including a full layout with journaling as to how I got on this journey and why I’m doing it. I hope this motivates you to give Instagram Stories a try, and also print out those photos from Insta Stories and get them documented in a layout or Project Life spread!

Thanks so much Kelly!

We’d love to see your take on the challenge! Share a link in the comments or use the hashtag #nerdnestchallenge on social media!

Kelly Jean is a happy wifee and furmom to a sweet bun named Maria and a furry Chow Chow named Cocoa. She loves documenting stories with words + photos and believes that having an album full of life’s big and small moments to look back on is more precious than gold. She practices memory-keeping in her everyday life as a way to reflect, practice gratefulness, and grow. Check out her on Instagram!