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Today I’m sharing tips for using kits!

Lots of kits have themes, which can be a great jumping off point for your storytelling. But you might not have stories to fit the theme when you get the kit or enough stories to fit the theme to use it all up. That's okay! Set aside explicitly themed elements for later and think about how you can use specific colors, patterns, or icons from the kit now. For example, this @shopfreckledfawn kit from last year had a lot of summery colors and elements, but some of the colors reminded me of a tulips photo and the washi strip patterns worked well with photos from an India festival. I wouldn't have thought about using the kit for this spread if I was thinking about it as a whole instead of thinking of what to do with certain elements. This mindset can keep you from hoarding! #nndailytip

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Last #nndailytip for using kits! Because you aren't picking out the individual items that are in kits, sometimes you'll get something that isn't your style. There may be something you have no idea how to use! I've found that I've created some of my favorite projects with these sorts of items by challenging myself to figure out how to use them. For example, camera icons would not be a go-to purchase for me, but thinking about how I'd use these cute big resin cameras from the @shopfreckledfawn September kit inspired me to include a mini side story about my daughter doing stop motion videos during a chess tournament on a page about chess. P.S. I also cover up phrases on cards that aren't relevant to me with label stickers or patterned paper so I can still use the background of the card! P.P.S. If you REALLY can't use something, I bet you have a friend who'd appreciate it! (@rukristin sends me all the coffee things )

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What are your favorite tips for using kits?

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