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Today I’m sharing tips for listing!

Hey listers! I'm @megan_nerdnest and I'm here to take over the #30lists Instagram for a few days. If I'm counting right, this is my 16th round listing and I'm still as in love with it as ever. Over on my Instagram, I share a daily tip with the hashtag #nndailytip using a different theme each week. I thought it would be fun to bring that here with tips for listing! It's inspiring and fun to see how everyone else is listing, but don't let comparisons get you down: there's no wrong way to list! I've used lots of different methods: various minibooks, pocket scrapping, tags, traveler's notebooks, etc. Sometimes I include photos, sometimes I get messy, sometimes I just jot down a list on a card. I fit how I'm listing to what's going on in my life and what I'd like to experiment with at the time! How does listing fit for you right now? #30daysoflists

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I shared Lists 9-19 on my blog today, which is helpful to anyone who actually wants to read them, because my handwriting is pretty illegible–hah! I'm also sharing some #nndailytip posts about lists on the @30daysoflists account. Here's one for here: don't sweat mistakes on your lists! A great thing about this exercise is that it is informal and relaxed, so even if you are a perfectionist on other projects, this is a place to practice letting go. I flubbed my format on this list, I catch a spelling mistake every time I type lists up for a blog post, and I'm incapable of being consistent with capitalizing (or not) the first word in list bullets. All of that is okay! It's the content and the process that matters. #30lists

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What are your favorite tips for listing?

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