Organizing Embellishments with Emily | Nerd Nest Challenges 1

Today Nerd Nest Creative Team member Emily is here to share her take on this month’s Nerd Nest Challenge Tackle a Mess.

For my take on the challenge, I chose to focus on my embellishments and ephemera. I have so many of these items in various places like little bowls and pencil cup holders. I finally decided to try out a container by Creative Options. There are other brands that have containers similar to Creative Options and you can find most of them in your local arts and crafts store.

I decided to organize some of my ephemera and wood veneer embellishments in the container. I love that there are adjustable slots so you can easily organize your supplies the way you want. You could even purchase several different containers for specific embellishments. I plan to purchase more containers and may even label each container with a specific type of embellishment.

Organizing Embellishments with Emily | Nerd Nest Challenges 2

This container has definitely helped me in my memory keeping projects because instead of having to look through a ton of bowls and pencil holders, the items are in the container. This has also saved a lot of space in my craft area as well. I even placed the tags from the ephemera and wood veneer embellishments so that I know what brand I am using as well as which collection I am using. This is very helpful because sometimes I like to make projects using items from a specific collection. I can’t wait to organize the rest of my embellishments in similar containers.

Do you use containers similar to Creative Options? How do you organize your embellishments?

There are many different ways to interpret this challenge. I can’t wait to see everyone’s take on this challenge!

Emily is a blogger and memory keeper who loves spending time with her family. She is obsessed with planners, books, and making new things. You can find Emily over at The Emi Times, on Instagram, and Pinterest. Buy her handmade cards in her Etsy shop The Emi Times.