Today Nerd Nest Creative Team member Lisa is here to share her take on this month’s Nerd Nest Challenge Tackle a Mess.

Hybrid Organizing with Lisa | Nerd Nest Challenge 1

For as long as I can remember I am have been a hybrid scrapbooker. What is hybrid you ask? Well, for me hybrid is a mix between digital scrapbooking and physical. I often use digital products in my memory keeping but I am not at all a digital scrapbooker. I do however use digital tools a lot. I use Word for journaling and to print out cards for my Project Life spreads. Often, I buy sets of digital elements and make my own cards using the elements. For this you could use Photoshop, but I don´t have that so I use the online tool Pic Monkey for all my digital needs. I can change colors on digital stamps and add elements to cards for example and edit photos, of course.

I am still working on finding the very best way to store my hybrid embellishments. For now I store the bits and pieces that I have printed and cut out in a multi dish. I do hand cut/fussy cut everything since I don’t have a cutting machine. I opted to store them by color just because that is often how I search for things. I also have a binder with page protectors with the stuff I haven´t cut out yet. Often when I get a new digital kit I like to print out my favorites (if not the entire kit) to have as a reminder.

Hybrid Organizing with Lisa | Nerd Nest Challenge 2

So, for this month´s challenge to tackle a mess, I chose to show you how I organized my digital kits so that I remember what I have and to actually use them!

First I do have a folder on my computer that I named Digital where I save my kits when I download them. I have one Digital folder for each year. I also have them in sub folders after designers. I have a few favorite digital designers so they each have a folder for easy access.

Hybrid Organizing with Lisa | Nerd Nest Challenge 3

When I get a new kit, I print the preview image. On that I see the name and designer of the kit and also a preview of the actual kit.
I then have a binder with all the previews filed under designer. That way, when I am about to start a project and am looking for something, I can easily look through the binder to see what I can use.

For me, out of sight is certainy out of mind, so I really like this system.

Hybrid Organizing with Lisa | Nerd Nest Challenge 4

Hybrid Organizing with Lisa | Nerd Nest Challenge 5

Hybrid Organizing with Lisa | Nerd Nest Challenge 6

Hybrid Organizing with Lisa | Nerd Nest Challenge 7

Here are just a few examples of my hybrid projects! I hope that this will inspire you to organize your digital kits and to try hybrid scrapbooking!

love & peace

Lisa ♥

Thanks so much Lisa!

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Lisa is a keeper of memories since 1999. She likes to take photos every day and usually post them to Instagram on a daily bases. She is on her 6th consecutive year of documenting her and her family´s life via weekly Project Life spreads.