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Today I’m sharing tips about photographing events!

When you go to the same events over and over, your photos can get a little repetitive. You might feel like there's not much to record. When you are at this point, go in thinking about what story you want to tell. What's different about this time? What are your favorite things about the event? (Never mind if you've photographed that before–it will still be different!) What are some details that you missed before? How can you try to show the scope of the event with photos? I probably have five photos of Iron Man (with War Machine in later years) at the Maker Faire, but that's okay! He's always a show stopper. It's awesome to see the kids' reactions shift over the years. And all of these similar photos are in different albums. They make me smile–it doesn't matter if it's similar year to year! #nndailytip

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What are your favorite tips for photographing events?

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