7 Tips for Ink

On my Instagram I share a daily memory keeping tip with the hashtag #NNDailyTip, then collect them here so you can find them easily later!

Today I’m sharing tips about ink!

Different types of ink go on differently! Test them out to see what kind you prefer. I tend to like pigment ink the best, because it coats the stamp well, stamps evenly, and tends to be very vivid. It does take longer to dry, so be careful of smearing! Solvent ink is permanent, so is great for things handled frequently like minibook covers or very slick surfaces like acetate. Dye ink dries faster, but bleeds easily and it's difficult to get a clean image on certain types of paper. Pictures here: 1) Kelly Purkey hybrid ink 2) Kelly Purkey dye ink 3) Ali Edwards crafter's ink (similar to pigment) 4) Momento dye ink (JUST opened) 5) Momento pigment ink (I realized it needs to be refreshed after stamping) 6) Prima pigment ink #nndailytip

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What are your favorite tips for using ink?

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