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Today I’m sharing tips about memory keeping motivation!

This week for #nndailytip we're talking about motivation. One thing that can get in the way of motivation for me is have to do vs. want to do things. Sometimes if I get through all of the things on my to do list, I don't have any energy left for creating. It helps to work on the "want to do" during tasks. This morning, I printed a photo in-between work emails and organized some embellishments. Sometimes I'll add something to an in-progress project on the way to do laundry. Adding in bits of creative tasks as I go through my day is like little rewards for myself and integrates more joy into my work. This will look different for you depending on what your "have to do" looks like, but you can sneak in some fun somewhere in your routine instead of trying to save it for when you are drained and less likely to find motivation.

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This week for #nndailytip we are talking about motivation. One of the things that motivates me most is challenges. They help me set goals, move being creative up on my priority list, and help me come up with more ideas. That's why I host a monthly #nerdnestchallenge and teach challenge based classes like #31challenges2017 I also join in on other challenges as much as I can. I'm in the middle of a poetry 100 Days Project, but I can't help starting another one because the #sg100daysproject sounds fun. I don't want to lose the memory keeping momentum I built up getting ready for 31 Challenges, so I'm going to be doing SOMETHING memory keeping related each day. The first few days will be journaling based because I'll be on vacation and I didn't want to pack supplies. Yesterday I worked on my journaling for my "Me at 30" check-in list. So that's 1/100! I'll also be answering some of @rukristin's introspective questions (she has a newsletter sign up to get them delivered each day) and I'm looking forward to #30lists ! What kind of challenges motivate you?

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What are your favorite tips for getting motivated?

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