February One Little Word | The Nerd Nest 1

This year I’m participating in Ali Edwards’s One Little Word again. My word is reflect.

February’s prompt involved a daily action. Part of my goals with my word this year is to better live a life that reflects my values, and I began doing that in late January by attempting daily civic action. I’ve been tracking what I’m doing in a notebook and even though I started this practice before the prompt for OLW (and am continuing after), I wanted to represent for this project because it is an important change for me.

February One Little Word | The Nerd Nest 2

To make daily action work for me, I did actions in several different areas: research (keeping up with news, reading articles), petitions, calls (I programmed my representative’s local and DC phone numbers into my phone with a “P” in front of their name to make this easier), donations and financial support, and direct action.

My Reason Why:

  • to live in a way that reflects my values
  • to prevent myself from shutting down and closing off
  • to do good

February One Little Word | The Nerd Nest 4

I color-coded each of these areas and colored in the circles each day according to which actions I took. I also included some of my January / March actions (with lines representing where February was on the calendar) to show that this is an ongoing project for me.

I learned what I need to change to be more successful. For instance, I need to get in the habit of calling in the morning instead of in the late afternoon (after the big kids get home and can keep an eye on the toddler for me), so that if something happens I don’t miss office hours.

I did a pretty good job, though I would like to work on adding more direct action, more local focus, and more days that have more than just research.

It’s a process, and I get more comfortable and confident as I go.

February One Little Word | The Nerd Nest 5


I started trying daily civic actions 1/24, so that meant I had a head start w/ it in February. Some days I only did research, but counting reading news articles kept me from burying my head in the sand when things were overwhelming. Keeping track of what I called about / did / where I donated / etc. in a notebook helps to remind me that collective action really does matter. Now, to focus local.

February One Little Word | The Nerd Nest 6

I really loved the visual representation of what I’m doing, which is a good addition to my messy (but more informative) notebook and I might fill out these cards for the rest of the year.