Today Nerd Nest Creative Team member Emily is here to share her take on March’s Nerd Nest Challenge Compare / Contrast.

This month’s challenge was fun. There are so many things that I could have chosen to compare and contrast so it was a bit hard to choose. I decided to make a layout comparing the similarities and differences between my two sons.

Comparing with a Venn Diagram with Emily | Nerd Nest Challenges 1

I decided to make a venn diagram to compare my boys’ and their favorite things. To make a venn diagram, I used a Simple Stories circle photo crop and made two overlapping circles. I used some alpha stickers to spell out my boys’ names and then added some enamel shapes as bullet points. I wrote down their favorite things and then in the middle (where the two circles overlap), I wrote down the things that they both love and have in common. Below are the lists as well as a closer look at the layout.

Michael’s Favorite Things

  • Likes math
  • Favorite Super Mario Character: Dry Bowser
  • Favorite animal: Hippo
  • Eats anything
  • Outgoing

Gabriel’s Favorite Things

  • Likes reading
  • Favorite Super Mario Character: Mario
  • Loves dinosaurs
  • Picky eater
  • Laid back

*You may notice that I did add a few things in their lists that are their favorite things, but is related to their personality.*

Michael & Gabriel’s Favorite Things (shared favorites)

  • Loves fruits
  • Favorite Movie: Moana
  • Likes the zoo
  • Loves Six Flags White Water
  • Favorite Video Game: Super Mario

Comparing with a Venn Diagram with Emily | Nerd Nest Challenges 2

I can’t wait to see how you all take on this month’s challenge.

Thanks so much Emily!

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Emily is a blogger and memory keeper who loves spending time with her family. She is obsessed with planners, books, and making new things. You can find Emily over at The Emi Times, on Instagram, and Pinterest. Buy her handmade cards in her Etsy shop The Emi Times.