30 Days of Lists Base March 2017 | The Nerd Nest 3

Today I’m sharing an update for my March 2017 30 Days of Lists album!

Here’s my second set of 10 lists!

#30Lists March 2017 | The Nerd Nest | List 11

Day trips I want to take

  • Branson, Mo
  • STL, MO
  • Omaha, NE
  • Museum at Prairie Fire, OP, KS
  • Glore Psychiatric Museum St. Joseph, MO

#30Lists March 2017 | The Nerd Nest | List 12

I could be president of the ____ club
I was president of:

  • International Thespian Society
  • French Club
  • Outreach Humanity
  • Creative Writing
  • Swim Team
  • Teachers of Tomorrow

I could be president of:

  • Document Everything Club
  • Read all the Books Club

#30Lists March 2017 | The Nerd Nest | List 13

Things I need to get rid of

  • damaged clothes (to H&M for recycling)
  • the records in the basement from Etsy record bookends days
  • baby clothes (hand-me-downs for new nieces)
  • outdated tech

#30Lists March 2017 | The Nerd Nest | List 14

I will always fight for

  • human rights
  • equal opportunity
  • empathy
  • truth
  • institutionalized racism to be dismantled
  • the stories, voices, & perspectives of oppressed people to be heard

#30Lists March 2017 | The Nerd Nest | List 15

Projects I want to finish this month

  • Model / Poster / Presentation for Jonas’s robotics team
  • 2016 Dec Daily
  • re-grout bathtub
  • paint hallway
  • cute Spring Break crafts w/ the kids

#30Lists March 2017 | The Nerd Nest | List 16

Ways to stay accountable

  • set a deadline
  • tell family / friends about my goals
  • keep track of progress
  • Have a reward at the end

#30Lists March 2017 | The Nerd Nest | List 17

I feel lucky when

  • I think about how great my friends & family are
  • I recognize my privilege
  • I get a good parking space
  • I think about all of the cool free & affordable things to do in Kansas City

#30Lists March 2017 | The Nerd Nest | List 18

Signs it’s time for a fresh start

  • I want to set the project / manuscript on fire
  • quarter life crisis feelings set in
  • heartfelt apologies are given / received

#30Lists March 2017 | The Nerd Nest | List 19

Favorite creators

  • Maya Angelou
  • Ali Edwards
  • Zadie Smith
  • Lin Manuel Maranda
  • J.K. Rowling
  • Beyoncé
  • Roxy Paine
  • John & Hank Green
  • Van Gogh
  • Janelle Monáe

#30Lists March 2017 | The Nerd Nest | List 20

I know the seasons are changing when…

  • my allergies start to go crazy
  • the crocus & daffodils pop up
  • birds are singing in the morning

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