Eliza's Birthday (Observed) | The Nerd Nest 1

On Jonas’s last birthday, we let him pick what we did for the whole day. We wanted to do the same for Eliza’s birthday, but as we knew most of the day would be spend getting ready for and having a birthday party for both kids, we decided to celebrate the day before. We joked that it was Eliza’s Birthday (observed).

Eliza's Birthday (Observed) | The Nerd Nest 2

Here’s a spread documenting how she chose to celebrate:

Eliza's Birthday (Observed) | The Nerd Nest 3

E wanted to start off the day with build-your-own-mini-donuts. She considered going roller skating, but then we told her Legoland Discovery Center was an option…or that she could spend the price of tickets to the center on a Lego set instead. She opted for the last option and chose two Moana sets (she used some saved allowance too).

Eliza's Birthday (Observed) | The Nerd Nest 4

The cards on this spread are a mix of Kelly Purkey and Studio Calico. I tried to do some stash busting for the embellishments, so they come from a variety of Studio Calico kits, Ali Edwards Story Kits, and Awesome Ladies stickers. The “11″ on the title card is from the 2016 main December Daily kit.

Eliza's Birthday (Observed) | The Nerd Nest 5

I decided to just start writing on all of the journaling cards without worrying if the journaling corresponded to the cards near it like I usually do. I knew I could make up for getting “behind” on the journaling throughout the spread with more journaling space on the right page.

Eliza's Birthday (Observed) | The Nerd Nest 6

Adding journaling spots / label stickers to filler cards helped me to get more words and more pattern in!

Eliza's Birthday (Observed) | The Nerd Nest 7

The right page shows Eliza building her Lego sets, dinner at her favorite diner right now, Town Topic, a stop at our local used bookstore, and blowing out the candles on her birthday cookie (she’s not a cake person).

Eliza's Birthday (Observed) | The Nerd Nest 8

In my family, we like getting what we call “scarf photos”–pictures of that first delectable bite! Eliza really loves this sausage, egg, and cheese sandwich (Jake and I are addicted too–we call in and pick up sandwiches for breakfast sometimes).

Eliza's Birthday (Observed) | The Nerd Nest 10

Birthday cake photos are another type we take over and over again–you get such a fun shot by turning off all of the lights and just getting the birthday person’s face illuminated by the candles!

Eliza's Birthday (Observed) | The Nerd Nest 9

I loved spending a perfect day with my newly 11-year-old and loved seeing how she chose to spend it–it was a very Eliza day.