Today Nerd Nest Challenges Creative Team member Lisa is here to share her take on November’s Nerd Nest Challenge, Capture a Feeling.


I am an avid photographer and it would be very rare for me to not take photos every day. Through the years I guess one of the things I have learned when it comes to photography is to capture feelings and for me that lies in the simple, little details and ordinary moments.


For example, we had a big frost one morning last week and I wanted to take photos of course. I made sure to take a few detail shots to capture the flakes on the blooms, but also kneeing down to take the photo of the frosted grass. Angles like these are sure to capture of an overlaying feeling of how cold and beautiful it was.


I have shot several weddings through the years and the details and the little moments gets me every time. A glance from the groom, when the father sees the bride for the first time and when the couple laugh out loud.



When I shoot weddings I always take behind the scene photos like this above of the bride touching up on her makeup in a car window. And when the couple receives their photos they always thank me for those shots.


I often take my DSLR when I visit friends or family with kids. The camera is fast and take multiple shoots in a series which is great when you are taking photos of moving objects like say a toddler!
I try to take photos in ordinary moments like meals, when they are reading or put in the garden like here. This shot above shows how little this guy was since I zoomed out and got a few surrounding trees in the shot.



But I am also zoom in when the subjects are interacting like in these above shots. I find that it is in moments like these I can capture the real and true feeling.

Lisa is a passionate memory keeper who loves to document her little family´s life in scrapbooks. On top of running an Etsy shop she likes to throw in a few diy`s here and there.

You can find Lisa here: blog, Instagram, Pinterest, Etsy.