Today Nerd Nest Challenges Creative Team member Jen is here to share her take on November’s Nerd Nest Challenge, Capture a Feeling.

Comfort and Joy red paper by Oooh La La Scraps Glitter Papers 1 by Lindsay Jane

December is always busy, but last year was insane for us. In the last five weeks of 2015, we went to Vegas, shopped for a new car, went to Busch Gardens, saw Star Wars, hosted Christmas with my stepson and father-in-law for the first time, renewed our wedding vows, rode Segways, and celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary. I’m sure I’m forgetting something…

I took a ton of photos and tried to write in Momento or Evernote every day and I’m so grateful I did, because that whole time was a bit of a blur. This month’s prompt reminded me of a list I made one day in response to a Journal Your Christmas prompt. Just a simple list, but it really encapsulated the chaos that was happening at that time.

I could probably tell lots of stories from these photos. How I wore my sparkly red shirt so I would feel festive. How the car we looked at that day was almost exactly the same as the car we ended up buying six months later. How that was my first trip to Trader Joe’s (and how I IM’ed Megan to tell her all about it, because I know she’s a TJ’s fan) How obsessed I was with finding the “perfect” planner and how I would drag Jason to the office store at least once a week. How we met with our wedding coordinator and she told us incredible stories about the same-sex couples she’d married since it became legal just a few months before. How special that beach is to us. How we love going to pretentious burger joints. So many stories that I could have written from one day.

But instead, I wrote out the list that I made that day and let it stand for itself. I think it says a lot about that completely awesome, but completely overwhelming, season.

Jen Johnson is originally from Nashville, but ran away to South Florida to marry a boy she met on the Internet. She has always been a memory keeper, but never realized it until she discovered digital scrapbooking in 2009. Now she loves to document her life in SoFlo with her husband, stepson, and cat, cleverly named Miss Kitty. Her biggest scrapbook is the “All About Jen” book. She worries that might sound narcissistic, but who else is more qualified to tell her story? She loves to travel, read, eat good food, and watch bad TV. She has a blog, hclappy scraps, where she writes about digiscrapping, minimalist Project Life, (step)motherhood, and her search for that ever-elusive “healthy lifestyle” everyone talks about. She says Y’all and Yonder a lot, loves run-on sentences, and finds it a bit awkward talking about herself in third person.