The September 2016 edition of 30 Days of Lists is underway and I’m here to share my first week of lists with you!

September is for…

  • City Market Coffee turns 20 party
  • Dance in the Park
  • Art Westport
  • Plaza Art Fair
  • Sexy Accident Release Concert
  • Grape Picking
  • Autumn


Don’t judge me but…

  • If I’m home, I’m almost always in pajamas
  • I’m a book hoarder
  • Everything is always a huge mess
  • Some days I don’t leave my house
  • I’m stuck in a quitting / restarting loop with pop

Reasons to celebrate…

  • We can now leave the state with [our foster daughter] (Roadtrips!!!)
  • Jake met his financial before-30 goal
  • Autumn is coming (and the mosquitos will die and we can play in the back yard!)
  • Festival season


Recent Impulse Purchases

  • Buy 2, get 1 free Pops at Hot Topic (Dobby, Batgirl, Ron Weasley, and Harry Potter (Quidditch)
  • Books! Harley Quinn Vol. 3; Mixed and Part Asian, 100% Hapa by Kip Fulbeck
  • Han shot first art for Jake (okay, for me)
  • Fancy white cheddar with green onion and rosemary olive oil crackers
  • Kelly Purkey’s Queen mini kit

Today you can find me…

  • Baking delicious orange bread
  • Making French toast with that bread
  • Hanging out with Tiffany and Boston for brunch
  • Buying paint and grout at Home Depot
  • Watching a lot of West Wing and Buffy
  • Reading Singin’ and Swingin’ and Gettin’ Merry Like Christmas by Maya Angelou
  • Trying to get the kids to clean
  • Eating frozen pizza and a chopped salad kit for dinner
  • Finishing Jonas’s huge knit blanket!


My favorite times of the day are:

  • mornings because coffee + work
  • mid-morning because walks with [my foster daughter]
  • late afternoon because the big kids get home
  • dinnertime because we’re all together
  • after 8:00 because QUIET

If I was running for President

  • I’d be overjoyed to eat every kind of local delicacy on the campaign trail.
  • I’d site my sources on my website–so if you want to look into how I decided what will work for issues, you can
  • I’d have a badass honesty rating from PolitiFact

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