This week I finished a project I’ve been working on since April! The whole time I was making Eliza’s Twin Sized Blanket last year, Jonas was asking when his would be done. So after a bit of a break when I’d finished hers, I started on one for him!


For Jonas’s blanket, I decided to go with nebula colors inspired by his Guardians of the Galaxy poster. When I found yarn with silver and gold metallic running through black and white, I knew it would be perfect to represent stars.


I switched off colors every few lines, alternating between the neutral metallic yarns and the multi-colored yarns I’d chosen. I didn’t use a pattern or measurements: I just eyeballed it and garter stitched the whole way. This is my brainless keep my hands busy while watching TV project, so it’s important that I don’t need to do any counting or have to focus too much.


The almost twin size is great to cover him up while he’s sleeping and for him to wrap around his shoulders and drag around when it gets cold.


I’ve already started on my next one for our youngest, so I’ll see you again in a few months with another take!

This year it’s my goal to complete 52 projects. Projects can be art, crafts, home improvement, tech, gardening, or whatever else my brain ventures into. The point is to MAKE. This is project 18 of 52! Check out the other projects: 1 : Papier-mâché Death Star Piñata / 2: Toy Repair / 3: Painted Entryway / 4: March Gardening / 5: Recipe book shelf / 6: April Gardening / 7: Compost bin / 8: May Gardening / 9: Gutters / 10: Brick fire pit / 11: Shower favor tags / 12: Air grate fix / 13: June Gardening / 15: Wedding Fans / 16: Owl stepping stone / 17: August Gardening