30 Days of Lists - September 2016 | The Nerd Nest

Registration for my favorite workshop of the year is now open! You can sign up for the September 2016 round of 30 Days of Lists now.

30 Days of Lists is a simple: one prompt, every day, for 30 Days. Not everyone can document an elaborate scrapbook page daily, but you can capture a bit about your life and your thoughts with a list!

I love that this challenge helps me to document things about myself that I’d otherwise never think to document. It really helps me capture who I am and how I’m feeling in the moment.

You can list however you’d like–in a planner, a journal, on sticky notes, in a minibook with pictures and decorations, or with simple pocket pages.

I like to plan ahead and make my base so during the challenge, I only have to worry about the listing.


30 Days of Lists - September 2016 | The Nerd Nest

This round, I’m re-purposing an older Amy Tangerine Daybook mini. I decorated the cover and the first page to use to document summer a few years ago and only ended up making one page. So I cut out that page to use in my 12×12 album for that year, redid the year on the cover and added some #30Lists things, and I’m all set!

Maybe you have an abandoned project you could repurpose for this too!

30 Days of Lists - September 2016 | The Nerd Nest

My goal this year, in addition to listing, is to have a bit of fun using up embellishment scraps and playing on the pages.

30 Days of Lists - September 2016 | The Nerd Nest

Usually I prep each page by numbering them, adding journaling spots, and adding spaces for list titles, but this time I only prepped the first page with a number and title spot. Because I want to make space for myself to play around with scrapbooking supplies this round, leaving pages blank is part of the fun.

30 Days of Lists - September 2016 | The Nerd Nest

Are you a lister? How are you doing it this round?


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