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For this month’s Nerd Nest Challenge, we’re going to focus on Stash Busting!

I’m using the last of my Spring Cleaning energy to reorganize my scrapbooking supplies a bit. I do this every few months, which prevents any piles that are building up in my workspace from getting overwhelming. Looking through those supplies inspires me to use them!

While I’m reorganizing, I realized I need to stash bust for two reasons:

1) There tend to be a few types of supplies that are building up that I’m neglecting and

2) Little bits and scraps end up spread out and need to be used up.

I know I’m not the only one, so I challenge you to stash bust along with me in May!

Cover a journal in washi tape strips to easily distinguish between multiple similar books

The first type of product I wanted to stash bust a bit is washi tape. I have a rather large washi collection, and because these rolls last a long time, there’s no way I’ll ever finish a roll if I don’t come up with some projects that use a large amount of washi tape.

So I covered a composition book in it!

I have a lot of composition books laying around. I try to keep them separated by subject so my notes are easy to find. However, sometimes that means that I get started on a journal, end up abandoning a project, and then have a lot of paper left.

I decided to use one of those abandoned notebooks for something new. The washi helps to identify it and to cover up the original title on the cover. I just clipped together the pages I’d used so that I can still access them, but I can also get to the start of my new topic easily.

I love a good ROYGBIV color scheme, so I chose a rainbow assortment of washi tapes from my collection (plus a pink one). Most of these washi tapes come from past Freckled Fawn or Studio Calico kits or from the Freckled Fawn store.

I started near the spine so it would be easy to keep the washi straight, using the edge of the spine fabric as a guide. I started with a little bit of washi running off of the edge of the cover, so I could wrap it on the inside.

Because washi is semi-translucent and the background of the composition book is black, I needed several layers of each color. I wrapped the washi around the entire inside of the book for multiple passes through the front instead of tearing off multiple layers for the cover. Now the inside cover is pretty too!

Write down the definitions you look up to better commit them to memory

I’m using this notebook to write down words I look up with a dictionary app on my phone. I love to look up unfamiliar words or words I know the connotation of but not the exact definition of. Writing down the definitions after looking them up helps me to commit them to memory.

Nerd Nest Challenge - Stash Bust

I’d love to see your take on the challenge! Share a link in the comments or use the hashtag #nerdnestchallenge on social media!

Remember that you can do anything you’d like for this challenge–it doesn’t just have to be scrapbooking!

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