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Happy (inter)National Scrapbooking Day!

You might be celebrating this crafty holiday my favorite way–doing tons of scrapbooking! I’m filling in pockets today and I thought many of you might be using this weekend the same way: to get caught up with your pocket scrapbooking.

To celebrate NSD, Pocket Your Year is 25% off this weekend! Use the code NSD2016 through midnight CST Sunday.

You’ll not only have pocket scrapbooking instruction for the rest of the year, there are 4 units ready and waiting for you! Play the instruction videos while you craft for NSD and do the assignments to get your creative juices flowing!

Here’s a sneak of the units that we’ve had so far this year:

Quick Tips Unit | Pocket Your Year sneak

The Quick Tips unit will help you pocket scrapbook faster.

You may like to savor the process of pocket scrapbooking or you may be looking for ways to streamline your process, but whether your goal is to take your time or speed things up, most of us could use quick tips to use for spreads that are giving us trouble or for times when we “fall behind” and want to get a big batch of spreads done.

Memorabilia Unit | Pocket Your Year

The Memorabilia will help you get bits of life into your pocket scrapbooks.

Memorabilia like tickets, mail, notes, and drawings can tell a whole story that photos and words aren’t telling. By including memorabilia in your pocket scrapbooks, you are telling a story about yourself, your culture, and your time.

Stay Inspired Unit | Pocket Your Year sneak

The Stay Inspired unit helps you keep up with pocket scrapbooking as your interest ebbs and flows.

With a long haul project like pocket scrapbooking, many of us drop off from the practice.

Learn how to stay inspired early on by deciding how you’ll find time for pocket scrapbooking, where to get motivation, how to move past roadblocks, finding your spark, and, of course, staying inspired.

Develop Your Plan of Action for Pocket Scrapbooking | Pocket Your Year sneak

The Plan of Action unit helps you to find YOUR best pocket scrapbooking process.

We go over the advantages to different approaches so you can decide what will work best for you!

There is no “right” way to approach memory keeping, but there is a way that is right for you-this unit is designed to help you find your way. Learn how to come up with a plan that will fit your documentation style, your space, your time, and your process. Developing that plan will help you to stay in action with your pocket scrapbooking this year, so you are making memories instead of stuck trying to figure out how you should record them!

This is an on-going course, so in addition to these self-paced units waiting for you now, there are 8 more monthly units coming up, starting with the next unit, What’s Missing?, coming May 15th.

Join now! Use the code NSD2016 and get 25% off Pocket Your Year!