Today Nerd Nest Challenges Creative Team member Lisa is here to share her take on February’s Nerd Nest Challenge, Document Your Voice. Give a warm welcome to Lisa! It’s her birthday today, so happy birthday Lisa!!!

At first when I got the theme for this month, I was a little bit scared. Did I document my own voice? I have done scrapbook pages about myself and enjoyed it too. I do that for my daughter. Wouldn´t you want to find a scrapbook about your mom from when she was young? I know I would!

However, as I was thinking about this it suddenly hit me; I do document my voice! By doing memory keeping I use my voice for the journaling, right? And when I art journal I let my soul pour out on the page, don´t I? Going through my different projects I have been doing and still do, I found 5 ways I document my voice.

5 Ways I Document My Voice with Lisa | Nerd Nest Challenge

1. Photography

I have been an avid photographer for a long time. For years I have been known to log along my DSLR camera everywhere, from a walk in the woods to the grande galerie in the Louvre. I think that by taking photos of our everyday life as well as special occasions I have used my voice. I hold the camera, my eye is watching what is going on and I decide what gets captured most of the time. By looking through my albums you see what I see.

5 Ways I Document My Voice with Lisa | Nerd Nest Challenge

2. Memory keeping

Through my scrapbooking I use my voice and by that I document my voice. All my journaling is done with me telling the story from my perspective. Every week when I put together my Project Life spread, I go back and see what I want to include to tell our story.

5 Ways I Document My Voice with Lisa | Nerd Nest Challenge

3. Art Journaling

The last two years I have begun to do some art journaling. I have been admiring other art journaling people but haven´t found a way to do it my way. One day I just decided to do whatever I thought was fun without comparing myself to others. That was a great freeing feeling! Now I use my voice to create art journal pages that is me.

5 Ways I Document My Voice with Lisa | Nerd Nest Challenge

4. Art

I have always loved to paint, or rather play with paint. Now, I have painted a few paintings that are hanging around our house. They are clearly no Da Vinci´s, but I think that they tell a story about who I am. I even opened an Etsy shop to sell a few of them! But I also use crochet and other crafts to document my voice.

5. Mindfulness

The last was I found that I use to document my voice is by meditation and practicing mindfulness. Last year I attended a very good workshop that suited me perfectly! I learned some Chi Gong and relaxation and it has changed my life. I felt like I got the tools to calm myself and to ground me. Here my voice is quiet just to be able to be louder in the other 4 ways.

How do you document your voice?

Lisa is a passionate memory keeper who loves to document her little family´s life in scrapbooks. On top of running an etsy shop she likes to throw in a few diy`s here and there.

You can find Lisa here: blog, Instagram, Pinterest, Etsy.

Thank you, Lisa, for sharing how you document your voice through different creative outlets! How about all of you? Do you already document your voice in different creative ways?

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