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Today Nerd Nest Challenges Creative Team member Emily F. is here to share her take on January’s Nerd Nest Challenge, Set Yourself Up for Success. Give a warm welcome to Emily!

Hello. Today I am sharing my take on this month’s challenge: Set Yourself Up for Success.

I have many goals that I want to accomplish this year and one of those goals is to read more. Last year, I purchased a ton of books, but I didn’t get to read much. I was either too busy or I just didn’t plan enough time. That is all going to change this year because I am going to take steps to accomplish this goal.

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There are three things that will help me accomplish this goal. First, I plan to set an alarm before bedtime (after my boys are in bed asleep). I plan to set an alarm at least 15 minutes after the boys are in bed so that I can be reminded to be prepared to read, get my book, and get a snack. Another alarm will be set that which will be the one where I am supposed to start reading. I would really like to read for 30 minutes everyday so I am setting an additional alarm which will let me know that my time up.

The second thing that will help me accomplish this goal is to only participate in one book club or challenge. Last year, I found out about several book clubs and was not able to finish a lot of books because I kept trying to keep up with so many books. This year, I will only participating in the NovelTea Book Club so that I won’t get overwhelmed with the number of books that I have to read.

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Lastly, I will be documenting how many times I read in a week as well as how many minutes I read in my planner. Since I check my planner multiple times a day, I will always be reminded that I need to read and write down my times and other book information.

I am certain that I will be able to accomplish this goal by using these three steps/ways. Here’s to a new year and newfound hope of accomplishing goals.

Emily is a blogger and memory keeper who loves spending time with her family. She is obsessed with planners, books, and making new things. You can find Emily over at The Emi Times, on Instagram, and Pinterest.

Thank you, Emily, for sharing how you plan to take action on your goal and document it! I’m sure a lot of you have similar reading goals this year and can benefit from Emily’s tips! Do you have any reading tips to add?

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