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Today is Eliza’s birthday! I think birthdays are a great time to capture a bit of what someone’s life is like in the moment, so I documented some of the things that really characterize her as she turns 10:

At 10 Eliza…

  • …is a total cat person and dreams of opening up a cat cafe / no kill cat shelter with art programs that teach you to make art (you guessed it) depicting cats.
  • …reads a ton and brings a few books with her everywhere. She especially loves books similar to Diary of a Wimpy kid right now.
  • …wants to know how everything works and does cool engineering projects.
  • …loves teaching her siblings and spends a lot of time reading to them and showing them how to do things.
  • …is still in love with French and France and all French / France related things. She’s also so excited about all of the Lafayette parts in Hamilton.
  • …is obsessed with Doctor Who, Hunger Games, and Harley Quinn.
  • …builds in Minecraft whenever we’ll let her.
  • …still has the messiest room in the house.
  • …is interested in designing fashions and has her own fashion sense–usually a combo of loud leggings, a sparkly skirt, a t-shirt, and boots (when she doesn’t have to wear her school uniform).
  • …is tiny for her age–she’s the second smallest kid in her grade at school.
  • …loves finding the inaccuracies in things and thinks it is hilarious to correct you (“Well, technically…”)
  • …basically just wants to learn everything she can.
  • …decided to stop playing soccer, as the increased competition and aggression is not her thing (nor is waking up early on Saturdays). She’s focusing on learning more swimming techniques so she can join a swim team.
  • …directs little movies on her older no-service cell phone using Barbies or Lego characters. Dreams of starting a You Tube channel documenting her life.
  • …makes up her own song lyrics, draws little comics, writes short stories, and loves crafting.
  • …HATES getting her hair brushed / fixing it.
  • …has a strong since of justice and gets upset when she sees people get made fun of or discriminated against (real or in media).
  • …is in a strong vampire / magic / spooky phase and likes shows like Charmed, Vampire Diaries, iZombie, and Goosebumps.
  • …loves eggs in a bowl, potstickers and chicken pot pie the best.
  • …is so very loved.

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