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I share a daily(ish) memory keeping tip on my Instagram under the hashtag #NNDailyTip, then collect them here so you can find them easily later! This time I’m sharing tips for daily projects:

The next batch of #nndailytip posts will be all about going through with daily projects. I have participated in lots of these types of projects, including a 365 Photo-a-Day project, @aliedwards's December Daily and Week in the Life, Daily Doc, and @30daysoflists. These tips will work for those projects and documentation projects like them! My first tip is how to deal with a missed day. It happens–don't give up on the project because you feel like you "failed" by breaking your documentation streak. Document your "B Side" didn't-make-the-cut story from a different day or go for something more generic that is part of your life right now but doesn't need to fit into a specific day. For my holiday album, I took a screen shot of the holiday Pandora station I've been listening to so I can cover a missed day last week.

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One of the keys for completing a daily project, for me, is to know some of the things I'll be documenting ahead of time. This reduces the likelihood that I'll meet the end of a day thinking that nothing happened worth documenting. If there are a few things I know I want to capture, I have a nice base to work from. For @december_daily, that means documenting traditions that repeat each year. Here's my family last night, walking home from the hardware store with our Christmas tree in our little red wagon. This is one of my favorite things to capture during the holiday season, because while getting a Christmas tree is a common tradition, how we get it is unique to us (well…probably not ALL of the way unique, but you know what I mean). Are you doing a daily documenting project? What stories are on your mental "to-do" list? #nndailytip

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With these daily projects tips, I've focused a lot on making daily projects work for you, my mantra "document now, make later," and fixes for when you miss a day (or several). You might think of most of these things in terms of photos, but don't forget words too. With my photo a day project in 2011, I also wrote weekly blog posts with little descriptions of what my family and I were doing. Because of that, I'm able to make weekly pocket spreads with journaling using those photos and words years later. You don't have to write paragraphs every day, but little bits of information can be precious to you later, filling gaps in your memory that photos themselves can't fill. I encourage you to pair words with your photos in daily memory keeping projects! #nndailytip

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Do you do any daily memory keeping projects? What are your favorite tips for them?

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