5 Tips for Achieving Memory Keeping Goals with Jen| Nerd Nest Challenge

Today Nerd Nest Challenges Creative Team member Jen is here to share her take on January’s Nerd Nest Challenge, Set Yourself Up for Success. Give a warm welcome to Jen!

I love setting scrappy goals! They are some of the few goals that I actually accomplish, because they’re so fun. This year I’ve made sixteen scrapping goals for 2016 (super original, right?) Here are a few things I’m doing to make sure they get accomplished.

Keep the goals visible. I made a layout earlier this month with all of my goals, This will be one of the first pages I flip through when I look at my 2016 album. I also have a copy of my list saved in Evernote for easy reference.

Combine similar goals. A few of my goals feed into each other. I know that once I’ve “put away random LO’s that are scattered around the house”, I can more easily update the frames beside my desk where I keep my favorite seasonal LO’s. Having LO’s that I love right next to me will inspire me to scrap more.

Stick with what works. I already have a system that works well for me to keep up with journaling for page ideas. I’ve been using a combination of the Momento app and Evernote for years. I know that the more I write, the more ideas I have for pages so I’ve worked to make this a daily habit. Your goals don’t always have to be new, they can be a continuation of something you’re already doing.

Do research. There are three “new to me” goals on the list this year, two tools and a technique. I got a new scanner and Fuse tool for Christmas and I want to make sure they get used. I’ve been wanting to get better at blending photos for a long time, but my recent wedding vow renewal has inspired me to get better at editing my photos to make a more romantic dreamy look. I needed to do a little research first though. YouTube is a great source for learning to use new tools. (It didn’t take me very long to figure out I was using my Fuse all wrong). Pinterest can be great for corralling tutorials for a new technique you want to try, like blending. And the scanner? I’ll get around to reading the manual eventually… Which leads me to my next tip.

Have a Plan B. My dad and I have been working on one of his old photo albums since last year. I scan pictures and email them to him, and he writes back and tells me about them. (We live 900 miles away from each other). I’ve been procrastinating finishing this project for several months, so I gave myself a deadline. If I haven’t scanned the pictures by the next time I visit, I’ll just take the album back with me. We can sit and flip through the album together and I’ll record his stories with the voice recorder on my phone. His vision is failing and I want to make sure I get the stories soon, in his words. I can scan the pictures anytime, but the stories are the most important to me.

It’s almost the end of January, so how are you doing on your goals for this year so far? If the answer is “not so great”, no worries. It’s never too late to make a fresh start!

Jen Johnson is originally from Nashville, but ran away to South Florida to marry a boy she met on the Internet. She has always been a memory keeper, but never realized it until she discovered digital scrapbooking in 2009. Now she loves to document her life in SoFlo with her husband, stepson, and cat, cleverly named Miss Kitty. Her biggest scrapbook is the “All About Jen” book. She worries that might sound narcissistic, but who else is more qualified to tell her story? She loves to travel, read, eat good food, and watch bad TV. She has a blog, hclappy scraps, where she writes about digiscrapping, minimalist Project Life, (step)motherhood, and her search for that ever-elusive “healthy lifestyle” everyone talks about. She says Y’all and Yonder a lot, loves run-on sentences, and finds it a bit awkward talking about herself in third person.

Thank you, Jen, for sharing fantastic tips for achieving srappy goals! Do any of you have tips to add?

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