Wizard pillow - stamp your own fabric pattern! | The Nerd Nest

Today I’m sharing a handmade gift tutorial (and a bonus idea) using rukristin stamps to make your own fabric patterns.

Fan art fabric pattern using stamps! | The Nerd Nest

I use rukristin stamps in my paper crafting all of the time, so I thought it would be fun to show you a gift that steps away from the paper!

Creating your own fabric using stamps is a great way to personalize a gift. Make a pillow using the wooden wizard stamp set for the Potterhead in your life as I did, or stamp a alphabet pattern for your favorite pre-schooler. Make a fun multi-colored pattern with the circles stamps in this set, or make a statment with oversized wooden words. The pattern possibilities are endless!

Stamp your own fabric using the rukristin wizard stamp set | The Nerd Nest

If you are stamping fabric to create a pillow, you can buy a plain pillowcase to stamp, or you can make your own! I love this tutorial from Vintage Revivals for making envelope pillows, and this is the method that I use.

Pay close attention to the weave of the fabric when selecting a pillow or fabric to use to make your own. Smooth fabric will give you the best stamping results; bumpy, textured fabric will result in spotty stamped images.

Test different sorts of ink you own to see what is washable, but I used tried and true StazOn solvent ink to ensure my stamped images will last. You can also try your hand at rolling on fabric paint or finding ink specially sold for fabric.

Make sure you have a flat, sturdy stamping surface to ensure you can get a clear stamp on the fabric.

To get started, just load your stamp with ink by pressing it into the pad firmly and evenly, then stamp it onto the fabric straight and firm, taking care not to wobble the stamp.

Reload your ink each time you stamp.

Stamp your own pattern on fabric | The Nerd Nest

You can always measure out an even repeating pattern with your stamps, but I love a more freeform pattern look. To accomplish this, I repeated stamps tilted in slightly different directions and spread the stamps evenly over the fabric, working my way from one side to another. To give the fabric a continuous look, I placed scrap paper under the edges of my fabric so I could stamp the image partially along the edges to give the illusion that the pattern is continuous.

Harry Potter pillow with rukristin stamps | The Nerd Nest

I love the completed pillow and I may be addicted to stamping on fabric!

Make your own pillow to perfectly pull together your space -- stamp your own fabric! | The Nerd Nest

I’m keeping this pillow for my foster baby’s room–it really pulls it together and improves the look of the old chair it rests on–but I can wait to make more as gifts for my fellow Harry Potter fans!

Embroider an important date to you - using rukristin stamps | The Nerd Nest

As a bonus, I have one more fabric stamping idea for you! Try using stamps on fabric to create an embroidery template. I used rukristin basic number and 30 Days of Lists stamp sets to make a little embroidery piece featuring the date of my husband’s and my first date. This would be a great gift for the newlyweds in your life!

Stamp on fabric for an embroidery template | The Nerd Nest

I used StazOn Opaque Cotton White ink, so it would show up on the black felt I used. To insure that the stamped image would fit once I added the fabric into the embroidery hoop, I used a quilting ruler as a stamping block and readjusted my clear acrylic stamps as needed.

Use stamps as an embroidery template! Important date gift using rukrisitn stamps | The Nerd Nest

I used the stamps as a guide and filled in the stamped numbers with embroidery floss! This is a great DIY gift to work on when watching TV or waiting in line at the grocery store.

This was sort of a test run for me; the result will look much cleaner with better quality embroidery floss and cotton fabric rather than felt. We’ll call this a proof of concept!

My next project with these stamps and fabric? Stamped ruffle cafe curtains!

I’m also planning on using rukristin stamps for more of my holiday gifts this year. I give my parents and grandparents handmade photo calendars each year as Christmas gifts, and this time around I’m using rukristin basic month and 30 Days of Lists clear stamps sets to create my calendar pages. Stay tuned for that.

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