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Knit Blanket a Year in the Making | The Nerd Nest

I knitted a giant blanket for Eliza and it took me a year to complete! I started last November with a bunch of yarn and a very vague plan.

Yarn Colors for Knit Blanket Project | The Nerd Nest

I chose the colors based on the nesting doll curtains and dark teal furniture in Eliza’s room.

Giant Striped Garter Stitch Knit Blanket | The Nerd Nest

I didn’t plan out the size of the blanket, I just knew I wanted it to be huge. So I cast on as many stitches as I could comfortably fit onto my needles and set off. No gauge swatch, just tons and tons of the garter stitch (knitting every row).

I wanted this to be a project I could pick up to keep my hands busy while watching TV or sitting in the passenger seat on road trips, so I decided I didn’t want to count. I created stripes of color based on what I thought looked good and balanced the blanket as a whole, and making different sized stripes meant I didn’t need to pay attention to how many rows of each color I was knitting.

Eliza's Giant Knit Blanket | The Nerd Nest

I kept going until I was about out of yarn, and the result is just the right size to cover an adult completely when they are laying down and for Eliza to wrap around her shoulders to drag around with her when the house is cold. Hopefully it holds up and E will be doing that for years to come!

DIY is Best - Hand knit blanket is like being wrapped in Mom's love | The Nerd Nest

We joke around that, because that blanket represents countless hours of knitting, that covering up with it is like being literally wrapped in mom love. That, my friends, is the power of DIY.

Next up: a blanket for Jonas. I’m picking out black and lots of bright nebula colors for his! I’m sure that one will take me another year to complete.

Have you ever embarked on an extremely time consuming craft project? What did you make?

Easy Garter Stitch Striped Knit Blanket | The Nerd Nest

This year it’s my goal to complete 52 Projects. Projects can be art, crafts, home improvement, tech, gardening, or whatever else my brain might venture into. They might be collaborative or independent. The point is to MAKE. I’m numbering in the order these projects are shared.

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