Kristin and Jeff Visit KC | The Nerd Nest

A few weeks ago, Jeff and my soul lady Kristin came to stay for a long weekend. Visits like these are my favorite because it not only means long stretches of amazing friend time, but also that I get to do some of my favorite Kansas City things and play hometown tourist. They were also here for Halloween, which made the day way more fun.

Breakout KC  | The Nerd Nest

City Market  | The Nerd Nest

Of course that means barbecue and lots of other delicious food, but the highlights of the trip were our adventures out. We went to Breakout KC with our friends Steve and Michelle. It’s a game–there are tons of difficult clues set up in a room, and you have to use them to find keys, decipher clues, and find hidden hints to get out of the room in an hour time frame. We did it! Which is pretty amazing, because less than a quarter of groups make it out. This was ridiculously fun and I want to go back and try out the other rooms.

Afterwards we went to the farmer’s market.

Gaming  | The Nerd Nest

Batman Themed Halloween  | The Nerd Nest

The rest of Halloween was mostly spent chilling out while I finished up costumes last minute. There were a lot of staples involved because I ran out of time. I made 5 Batman themed costumes, though, and even though they were kind of thrown together, it was still a lot of work. (Still counting them towards my 52 Projects. Our foster baby’s Batgirl costume is not pictured.)

Our friends Paul and Anne came over for video games to help entertain everyone.

Kristin and Jeff went trick-or-treating with us, which was adorable and exhausting. Then we went back home for chili and lots of baseball. The World Series was the week they visited, so watching the Royals and the Mets was a big part of their trip.

Prints at the Nelson Day of the Dead Celebration  | The Nerd Nest

Eliza and Jonas at the Nelson Day of the Dead Celebration  | The Nerd Nest

Food at the Nelson Day of the Dead Celebration  | The Nerd Nest

Megan, Kristin, and Jeff at the Nelson Day of the Dead Celebration  | The Nerd Nest

Nelson Day of the Dead Celebration  | The Nerd Nest

Sunday we went to the Nelson’s Day of the Dead celebration. There was so much going on at the museum, but we missed out on the visual arts and dance part. We listened to live music, ate some pretty awesome snacks, and the kids made a lot of art projects: a print, buttons, and seasonal produce masks.

KC Soda Co  | The Nerd Nest

Kristin at KC Soda Co  | The Nerd Nest

Kristin loves craft soda, so we also made a visit to Kansas City Soda Co and got lots of different things to try. How awesome is that bottle tile?

We went back and watched the Royals win the World Series, so they got to see the city go nuts. There were fireworks and “whooing” well into the wee hours.

Murmuration  | The Nerd Nest

Kansas City Painted Royals Blue by Jake Anderson  | The Nerd Nest

Royals Take the Crown | The Nerd Nest

Our last big outings were to stroll around Liberty Memorial and Union Station. We watched a murmuration, saw some of the set-up for the World Series parade, and caught the city painted up in blue lights as part of the celebration.

Smash Up | The Nerd Nest

We spent our last hours playing Smash Up, which was probably a bad idea because of how early we had to wake up to get to the airport. Well worth it, though.

I’m so glad Kristin and Jeff were able to visit and am thankful for all of the adventures we were able to fit in the few days they were here.