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I’m getting ready for the December 2015 round of 30 Days of Lists! Registration just opened up and I just finished prepping my album base. I love it so much I’m a little sad I have to wait for December to get started!

In case you haven’t heard of it before (which means you’re new around here, because this is my tenth round participating in the challenge–welcome!), 30 Days of Lists is a journaling challenge with a daily prompt for 30 Days that gets you writing about yourself! Even though I take the fancy scrapbooky approach to #30Lists, all you really need is a pen and paper (or the digital version of those things) and five minutes a day to dedicate to documenting YOU.

Kam and Amy, the ladies behind 30 Days of Lists, really pack the challenge full, so registration comes with more than the prompts. Check out the registration page to learn about giveaways and all of the bonus goodies included.

December 2015 30 Days of Lists Album Base | The Nerd Nest

For my album, I used the cover of an old book and stitched in folios of patterned paper to make my own custom mini! I included 32 pages–one page for each list and enough room for a title page and a cover page. The pages measure 6×8, which is a fantastic minibook size, especially if you are using 3×4 journaling cards.

Hand stitched pages into an old book cover for 30 Days of Lists | The Nerd Nest

I’m working on a workshop teaching multiple methods for making minibooks and journals from old books called Rebook, so if you’re interested in this method, make sure you’re signed up for my newsletter to be the first to know when registration opens up (and to get an exclusive discount).

Handmade mixed paper mini book for 30 Days of Lists | The Nerd Nest

Handmade mixed paper book for #30Lists December 2015 | The Nerd Nest

Stash bust your paper pile with a mixed paper book | The Nerd Nest

Stitched in folios for handmade book | The Nerd Nest

This album was great for stash busting through my older patterned paper–I mixed the old and the new! I went with a few winter-themed pages, but mostly just stuck within a color story of true blue, navy, robin’s egg, browns, pink, and a tiny bit of green and yellow. I used the cover as a jumping off point and found papers that coordinated with the patterned papers I had with the colors of blue I needed in them.

Ideas for December 2015 30 Days of Lists | The Nerd Nest

I haven’t decided 100% what I’m doing for my inner pages this round. I know I’m going to be using the rukristin 30 Days of Lists stamp to make my own journaling cards for the lists themselves and the 3×4 cards from the Ashley G December Daily Add-On Kit to number the lists.

But I don’t know how I’m setting up my pages yet. I really loved adding a photo for each list in my September 2015 list album, but I’m participating in December Daily this year and don’t know if I want to do a photo in this album AND photos in that album. There are pros and cons: this album is not focused on being holiday-y and is about me rather than my whole family, so the photos for each will be very different. But it will also be nice to do this project in a simple way during a busy season. We’ll see!

If I end up adding photos, they’ll probably be 3×4 and I’ll split up each page in the album into four quadrants–one for the numbered card, one for the list, one for the photo, and one for the patterned paper background. If I don’t, I might just center the numbered card and list side by side and border them with washi tape or ribbon, leaving the patterned background to show on the bottom and top of the page. It all depends on if I decide to go with photos!

30 Days of Lists Album Base | The Nerd Nest

Are you participating in 30 Days of Lists this round? What are your plans for the challenge?

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