Plaza Art Fair 2015 | The Nerd Nest

One of the coolest annual events in Kansas City is the Plaza Art Fair, when nine blocks get shut down for tents packed full of amazing artists, good eats, and stages of live music. Also, it’s free, which is mind-blowing to me.

The 2015 Fair was a few weeks ago, and it was amazing. My neighborhood is adjacent to the Plaza district, so Jake’s brother Nick and his family headed to our house and we walked down to the event with a little red wagon full of kids.

With a huge crowd and four tiny humans with us, I admired most of the art from a distance. But here were a few of my favorite artists:

Sculpture by Thomas Wargin | Plaza Art Fair

Thomas Wargin had amazingly balanced surreal sculptures.

Sculpture by Denise Greenwood Loveless | Plaza Art Fair

I loved the way Denise Greenwood Loveless‘s sculpture looks collected, with the contrast of white and sold vivd colors and the juxtaposition of the morose facial expressions with whimsical elements.

Art by Lonnie M. Carter | Plaza Art Fair

I was drawn to the texture in Lonnie M. Carter‘s layered paintings.

Art by Frank Strunk III | Plaza Art Fair

Frank Strunk III‘s moving art was mesmerizing (and Jake’s favorite by far). I was really impressed with the engineering that went into his metal works.

As far as buying art goes, we came home with a few cute monsters in jars from kudu-lah, which we’ll be hopefully hanging this week!

Jake and I laughed at ourselves because we realized that even though we admire the skill of artists with mind blowing techniques, we are most drawn to the childlike things. We have immature taste. We’re cool with it.

Booths at the Plaza Art Fair | The Nerd Nest

St. Luke’s Hospital sponsored the event, and the kids were super excited to pick up some swag from them. They also stopped at a booth from UMKC to color and make buttons.

Music Stage at the Plaza Art Fair | The Nerd Nest

We had fun dancing with the kids at the bigger music stage, where there were cover songs for the most part.

It was also cool to see the stage on a bridge over Brush Creek from this angle.

Me Like Bees at the Plaza Art Fair | The Nerd Nest

Me Like Bees at the Plaza Art Fair 2015 | The Nerd Nest

The best part for us, however, was at the smaller local music stage. We caught a few bands in the afternoon, then walked home to rest, eat dinner, and let the kids take naps. We walked back down in the evening to catch Me Like Bees at the local bands Ink Stage. Jake and I absolutely love Me Like Bees–their album The Ides gets a lot of play in our house, but this was the first time we’ve been able to catch them live.

The Kids Love Me Like Bees - at the Plaza Art Fair | The Nerd Nest

And they freaking brought it. Happy for the opportunity to get out and dance.

What are the best events where you live?