October is my favorite | The Nerd Nest

October is by far my favorite month of the year, and although I’ve been low energy for most of it due to some bad allergy / sinus stuff, I’m pushing through and packing in as much Autumn fun as possible.

I’m working on a lot behind the scenes–two new workshops, a bonus unit for Pocket Your Year, lots of craft projects, and a bunch of pocket scrapbooking catch up–but I’m also filling my weekends with amazing family adventures.

Here’s some of the stuff we’ve been doing this month:

Plain White Tees Barktober Fest | The Nerd Nest

Barktoberfest  | The Nerd Nest

We went to Barktoberfest, a pet and music festival that was completely free! We went with extended family, and when they invited us, we figured it was just a fun, quirky, free thing to do. But then we realized the Plain White T’s were playing!

That made it that much better.

The festival was great–there were bouncy houses, a petting zoo, plenty of food, and (of course) dogs. Our foster baby was so excited about the crowd full of puppies. She met tons of strangers, sat on their laps, and tested out all of the dogs she could.

Bonfire  | The Nerd Nest

Fall means family parties and bonfires. So thankful to get to spend cool, crisp nights around a wonderful smelling fire with people I love.

Alma Mater | The Nerd Nest

Homecoming Game  | The Nerd Nest

We took the kids on a tour of my high school and then to the Homecoming football game. That’s not the sort of thing I usually do, but I saw the invite in my Facebook alumni group and thought it would be fun, especially since Eliza’s been so curious about the whole growing up process lately.

I also don’t want to intentionally pass down our indifference about sports to the kids–they can decide if it’s something they are into. High school football is an inexpensive way for them to get the game experience.

We sat right in front of the cheerleaders and next to the band, so the kids were totally entertained by that. The baby danced at every opportunity and Jonas and Eliza practiced some cheer moves. Eliza wanted to stay until the king and queen were crowned. We left right after because Jonas was falling asleep.

Jonas said afterwards, “I didn’t know football was so boring! But cheerleaders are part of football, and I like cheerleading, so I guess I like football.”

Maybe we’ll go to Jake’s school’s homecoming game next year.

Yard Work  | The Nerd Nest

More on this in a gardening post coming up, but we’ve been spending a lot of time outside doing yard work. We’re growing pumpkins (two, to be exact) and finally got around to building a trellis for the blackberry vines we planted two years ago.

School Festival  | The Nerd Nest

Eliza as Harley Quinn | The Nerd Nest

Eliza’s school has an awesome fall festival every year. We had a ton of fun at that! The awesomeness includes a costume contest, trunk or treating, hitting a teacher in the face with a pie, a big potluck, bouncy houses, live music, games, and a haunted hallway. I’m not done making all of our costumes yet (we’re all going as Batman characters), so the baby and Jonas wore stuff from our playclothes and Eliza just went as a less complicated version of Harley Quinn.

We also took Eliza to a REAL haunted house for the first time. She’s spent the whole season convincing us she’s ready. And she totally was. I was impressed that she stood in line with us for three hours and that she was so brave throughout the whole thing, even in the room that made her face her particular fear (rope bridge).

I loved overhearing her describe the haunted house to her grandparents while FaceTiming the next day, “Each room is based around a different phobia so there’s something that would scare everyone!”

Picking apples  | The Nerd Nest

Wildflower  | The Nerd Nest

Apple picking  | The Nerd Nest

We usually go to a pumpkin patch around this time of year, but this time we decided we’d get our pumpkins at the farmer’s market and go to an apple orchard instead. The kids picked bags of golden delicious apples for pie and we rewarded our hard work with apple cider and apple donuts.

October has a lot more in store! This week I’m going to concentrate on finishing our costumes so we can wear them to the trick-or-treating at my great-grandpa’s assisted living facility this weekend. We’ve got pumpkin carving, Jake’s birthday, more walks to enjoy the fall foliage, and a visit from Kristin and Jeff coming up too!

Do you have a favorite month? Why do you love it? What’s your favorite thing to do in October?