31 Scary Days List for October 2015 by Megan Anderson of The Nerd Nest

Rukristin’s Awesome Ladies Project returned this month with the volume turned up–a challenge each week! I was inspired by the first challenge to create a 6×8 page documenting my “31 Scary Days” this October. I’m tracking the scary shows and movies I watch, books I read or listen to, and games I play throughout the month. I love getting themey with my entertainment in October and it’s fun to keep track.

Lots of the things I’m doing stretch over multiple days (books especially), but I’m just picking one different thing each day to track. I also doodled little icons so I’ll know later if the title is a move, book, or game. I couldn’t believe I didn’t have stamps on hand for this stuff–if anyone has recommendations for stamps with these sorts of icons, please comment! (Planner addicts, I’m looking at you.)

Awesome Ladies Project Challenge #1.1

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