This week I’m participating in Ali Edwards’s Week in the Life. This time I’m sharing the highlights here on the blog and am journaling more fully in a notebook. Blurs are our foster baby.

You can read about my plan for the project here. I’m talking about Week in the Life on the ScrapGals podcast too!

Thursday was all about me.

Just showing glimpses of a person--a foot, a hand--can still tell a story for Week in the Life | The Nerd Nest

Jake and I usually take turns waking up early to help Eliza get ready for school and today he woke up so I slept in a little later. He came and got back in bed with me after she left and we snuggled and shared news stories on our phones until the little kids woke up. I read him the Humans of New York stories about bonded labor in Pakistan (we donated–you can too).

Embrace the shadows for Week in the Life | The Nerd Nest

When Jake started getting ready for work, I looked through and chose photos of the baby for Wednesday’s Week in the Life. Soon after, I had tiny company. She loves playing with and stacking washi tape on my desk.

Include things in the foreground of self-timer stories that help tell the photo's story  for Week in the Life | The Nerd Nest

I fed the baby breakfast, made coffee, and started barbeque brisket going in the crock pot for dinner. Jonas joined in for breakfast too.

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The past few days were hectic, so Thursday was for catching up on house stuff. I did a lot of laundry, including folding all of the baby’s cute teeny clothes. I’m thankful for the mix of gifts and niece hand-me-downs. When I’m doing things like this, the kids are good about “helping” and playing near me.

Set your camera by your lunch for Week in the Life | The Nerd Nest

Lunch was a mix of spaghetti-Os and canned ravioli with fruit. Usually lunch is leftovers or fresh food, but about once a week I go to childhood favorites instead. I ate at our island next to the baby in her high chair. She’s messy so most of the time she eats in the kitchen rather than the dining room.

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Not surprising that directly after lunch of red-sauced food comes a baby bath. I cleaned the bathroom while she played.

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After that was a nap for the baby, Lego Batman for Jonas, and work time for me (made possible by Midol).

For the month of August, I’m posting daily Challenge videos (half with process videos) for Pocket Your Year. I was working several days ahead, but thanks to a series of unfortunate technical difficulties, I’m making the process video for the day’s challenge right here. Hoping to get back ahead of the game over the weekend.

Also: 1:43 and still in pajamas.

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The baby wakes up and we all have snacks. Jonas ate cookies, the baby and I had these pineapple-tasting grapes from the farmer’s market.

I read a few pages while everyone was eating.

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Then I read books to the little kids while we waited for Eliza to get home. Our doorbell doesn’t work and the door is sometimes hard to get open, so I like to keep in line of sight of the front door near the time she gets back.

When she got home, she read me a bookmark with the qualities of a good reader on it. It was her homework to share it with someone.

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When Eliza got home, the kids all cracked open Jonas’s Kiwi Crate* and made a fish lantern. The baby mostly dumped out toys. I took it as an opportunity to get in a quick break and played a level of Katamari Damacy, which is an adorable video game. Lily wanted in on that action.

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The weather was lovely–it feels like autumn here all of a sudden–and I had planned a long walk. I ended up feeling too crummy for it (I have the period from hell), so I supervised back yard playing instead. We went in after a pretty short amount of time because the mosquitoes were terrible.

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Jake came home and took the kids over and I made dinner–imitation Z-man barbeque brisket sandwiches (inspired by our local Kansas City Joe’s) and onion rings. I fed the baby and talked on the phone with my step-mom while I cooked. We’ve been working on re-forging a relationship this year and it’s been amazing.

Everyone’s plates were ready at different times, so the kids ate at the table and Jake and I ate in the living room while we watched Sci Show episodes.

Embrace the mess for Week in the Life | The Nerd Nest

We all cleaned up the kitchen while listening to music (also on You Tube–Eliza and Jonas picked a My Little Ponies song and I picked Another Day from Rent). Dancing and singing while cleaning up is better. The baby laughed and giggled at my terrible singing and wiggled along with us while we cleaned her and her surrounding area up.

It was after 8, so the baby went straight to bed and I read the big kids Star Wars Lego books in Jonas’s room.

Sneak peek of Challenge 20 in Pocket Your Year

Then Jake had the bedtime reigns and I worked on finishing the voice over for the day’s video for Pocket Your Year. I posted the video and then got a few more hours of work in while Jake watched Futurama in bed. I like that having my office in my bedroom means we can still spend time together even when I’m working extra hours.

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I took care of the fish and hermit crabs, then got into bed to read. I also ended up texting with a group of friends a lot about random things late into the night. Lily told me when she thought it was time for me to stop reading and texting by laying on my book and flopping all around to get me to pet her. I snuggled with her a bit, then read another 50 pages or so before getting tired enough to turn out the lights at around 2 AM.

Those are the highlights of my Thursday! Are you doing Week in the Life too? Leave a link–I’d love to see!

P.S. I’m sharing more shots on Instagram!

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