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This week I’m participating in Ali Edwards’s Week in the Life. This time I’m sharing the highlights here on the blog and am journaling more fully in a notebook. Blurs are our foster baby.

You can read about my plan for the project here. I’m talking about Week in the Life on the ScrapGals podcast too!

Friday was all about Jake.

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Jake woke up before me and helped Eliza to get ready. He’s trying out a phone app that tracks his sleep quality and sets off an alarm in the light stages of sleep. It seemed to work great–he was way less groggy in the morning than usual.

After getting E onto the bus, he started getting ready.

Jonas wanted to help with Jake’s shaving. I love this photo because we have a similar one from when Eliza was little, and because Jonas is “shaving” with a pterodactyl wing and that’s something I did as a kid.

Sometimes you just have to include a photo bomb in Week in the Life | The Nerd Nest

Jake checked on his applications before heading off to work to make sure that there was nothing he needed to take care of before hopping in the car. Jonas did a bit of adorable photo bombing.

The baby woke up just as Jake was about to leave, so he changed her and snuggled her a bit before heading off.

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Jake tracked his work routine for me to include in the documentation, but there’s not a whole lot I can share here. I love the photos he took–a selfie with his work building, him at his desk with his FOUR monitors (photo taken by a coworker), and he even took a picture of a bunch of his co-workers in a meeting (though lots of them were giggling about it).

He also had his annual performance review Friday, so it will be awesome to include those details as well!

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As soon as Jake got home a bit after 6:00 PM, we gathered the kids and headed to the Ethnic Enrichment Festival. Everyone started out in a good mood (that’s Jonas being “Super Color Human” in the back there), but a long stint in the car all pressed together ruined that.

We ended up in the wrong traffic line (there was a concert in the same park as the festival) and were waiting to park for 1 hour. There were also some awful protestors outside of the park (though Eliza is awesome and drew a quick rainbow on the back of an envelope to put in the window as we passed).

All that combined–everyone was not in the best mood when we finally parked and got inside the park at about 8:00 PM (which is generally when we start getting the kids ready for bed).

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We visited stands representing different countries and cultures, the kids got stamps on their “passports,” and we grabbed food ASAP. We bought samosas, chicken curry, and a mango shake from the India stand and fried chicken and some heavenly macaroni and cheese from the African American stand.

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We got to watch lots of awesome dances and musicians. The big kids were having a bit of trouble staying as close to us as they needed to and being as kind to each other as they should, so Jake was getting frustrated and close to being ready to go.

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But not without stopping at France for crêpe. Eliza loved getting to chat in French with the folks at the booth.

We ended up staying until right before the end of the festival at 10:00 PM. It was still a great experience even if it didn’t go as planned–three kids in such a crowded place can be a little frustrating and we didn’t get to visit as many booths as we’d have liked. But still, the food and art were fantastic.

All of the kids went straight to bed when we got home and Jake and I hopped in the shower. It’s a great time to talk as we orbit around each other getting clean, and this time we talked about our career goals and a few things I learned from this podcast.

Jake got in bed and watched Futurama, which is the show he likes to fall asleep to lately. I turned off the TV after he drifted off and read before falling asleep too.

Those are the highlights of Jake’s Friday! Are you doing Week in the Life too? Leave a link–I’d love to see!

P.S. I’m sharing more shots on Instagram!