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This week I’m participating in Ali Edwards’s Week in the Life. This time I’m sharing the highlights here on the blog and am journaling more fully in a notebook. Blurs are our foster baby.

You can read about my plan for the project here. I’m talking about Week in the Life on the ScrapGals podcast too!

Photograph your favorite haunts for Week in the Life | The Nerd Nest

I woke up before everyone else and was out of coffee, so I snuck out for some quiet time alone at one of my favorite coffee shops, Oddly Correct. They are very passionate about coffee, and everything made there is perfect, but it’s not a place I take the kids, because they are hardcore anti-flavoring and thus don’t have hot chocolate. So I try to grab a couple of weekend mornings a month there by myself.

This time I bought beans to take home with me too.

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I could have easily walked, but drove so that I wouldn’t be out for as long. I was also planning on hopping into Clint’s Comics across the street, but forgot they don’t open until 11.

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Everyone was up and moving by the time I was heading back home, and I stopped at the grocery store on the way to pick up milk, bananas, and biscuits and gravy ingredients.

Leaning your phone against items can give you an interesting foreground when you use the self-timer for Week in the Life | The Nerd Nest

We’re trying to go to the farmer’s market every weekend this year, but for times when that’s not realistic (like this weekend), I stop for a few things at our neighborhood farmer’s stand instead.

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I grabbed peaches, cantaloupe, and some corn while catting about the owner’s new puppy and how my kids are doing.

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Super strong Jonas helped carry groceries in and put them away. Jake was Facetiming with his parents and little brother when I got home.

If you have similar photos throughout the week, like of you working, trying different angles can add interest for Week in the Life | The Nerd Nest

Jake woke the baby up–she slept in until 10:00, which is the latest she’s ever slept. The Ethnic Enrichment Festival the previous night wore her out! He fed everyone breakfast while I got some work in for Pocket Your Year. The 31 Days of Challenges unit this month (with videos each day) means that I’m always needing to work at least a little on weekends lately, but the outcome is so worth it.

Lost tooth showing off for Week in the Life | The Nerd Nest

Eliza lost her tooth the night before and poses with her “Tooth Fairy” loot (she made a big deal of it for Jonas). That’s some mad inflation there, Tooth Fairy.

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When I finished up what I was working on, I came down and snapped a quick picture of the mess and everyone lounging / climbing before I got them to work picking up.

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Eliza, the baby, and I snacked on the peaches from the farmer’s stand. Eliza and I had a long conversation, starting with a Rosie the Riveter-style Wonder Woman poster from last month’s Loot Crate box. (Really I was just asking her where she thought we should hang it.)

We talked about Rosie as a symbol, the changes WWII had on gender roles and the work force, gender role variations throughout different societies, female soldiers throughout history, American female soldiers now, how hard it is to get accurate information about pre-history, questions without answers, drafts, a bit more about Vietnam and the Cold War (which we were talking about in-depth a few weeks ago), and if the world will be better in her future (I said “The world is going to be so much better for you. And even better for your kids, if you have them.” She said, “Maybe equality-wise, but with pollution and everything, the environment definitely won’t be better.”)

I love these meandering conversations and her inquisitive nature so very much.

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Then we all got dressed and ready to go to little Lydia’s first birthday party. In classic us style, we picked up the gift on the way and showed up late.

Capture the special moments too for Week in the Life | The Nerd Nest

The kids had fun running around chasing each other, Jonas had a big spill, and everyone was very excited about cake. This little bug was adorable.

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There was an airshow in Kansas City over the weekend, and when we left the party, the Blue Angels were flying. (That bird-looking speck in this picture is one.)

We thought we’d go to a park and watch the last of the show.

Look for shadow patterns  for Week in the Life | The Nerd Nest

But by the time we got to the park, the planes had landed. We took the opportunity to take a little walk on Riverfront Heritage Trail instead.

Don't just look for the pretty angles  for Week in the Life | The Nerd Nest

Jonas approves of the canoes. We looked at the river and the Lewis and Clark info.

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Jake went back for the car and pulled it up for us, but Jonas really would have been fine staying in this rock.

Take photos while shopping for Week in the Life | The Nerd Nest

We were still in an adventuring mood, and thought about stopping by Science City on the way home, but realized it closed in a half and hour, so it would be time to leave by the time we got everyone in. Eliza had a lot of points saved up (our allowance system), so we decided to stop into the Lego store instead.

Making decisions --good thing to document for Week in the Life | The Nerd Nest

Everyone is very serious about Lego deliberation. Practically every box in the store must be considered.

When Eliza settled on trying out something from the new Elves line, she spent a lot of time trying to decide if it made more sense to get two smaller sets or the bigger set for the same price. They busted out math to figure out how much per brick the sets were to help her make an informed decision.

Eliza reminded us that it REALLY annoys her that there are “dolls” in the sets marketed to girls instead of minifigures, but it’s a little better now that she has a couple of Friends sets (they are also the same height as the Doctor Who blind box figures we have, so she can pretend the Lego dolls are companions). She was glad that there was a boy in the set she chose, and was excited about the animals and the interactive components.

Jonas decided not to spend any points, because he’s saving up to replace the Playstation remote he spilled water on.

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Jonas really wanted to spend some time looking at the fountains after we were out of the store. (Jake took the photo of Eliza.)

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Jake surprised stopped at the comic book store on the way home for me. I hadn’t been in a month, so I had to prioritize the titles that I most wanted to read. He stayed in the car with the kids while I made some quick selections.

Take screenshots on yoru phone  for Week in the Life | The Nerd Nest

Jake was playing this Mortal Combat style Marvel heroes game, Marvel: Contest of Champions, on his phone in the car and showed me that Captain Marvel (my favorite) was in the game. I’ll have to download the app too.

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Afterwards, we settled in for a tiny bit at home. I planned on going to a concert at the Record Bar for our friend’s band The Sexy Accident’s 10th band anniversary show. Jake stayed home with the baby, Eliza opted to stay home and build her new Lego set, so Jonas and I walked to the show.

Blackbird Revue - Take photos of your weekend fun for Week in the Life | The Nerd Nest

I hadn’t ever heard the opening band, Blackbird Revue. I really loved them (they’re folk-rock) and will search for more of their shows this fall.

When taking a photo of something lit up, use it to silhouette your subject for Week in the Life | The Nerd Nest

Thankful that our friends had extra sound-blocking headphones for Jonas, for cash in my pocket that could be converted to pinball quarters, and for tiny friends for Jonas to play with.

There’s also a little video arcade game set, but it was turned off. Jonas asked our server if she could turn it on / fix it for him, and she let me know how polite and well spoken for his age he was afterwards. So proud of him. Also, it turns out I really suck at Pacman.

The Sexy Accident - Take photos of your weekend fun for Week in the Life | The Nerd Nest

We ordered pizza and ate with friends, then watched the show. I loved the new Sexy Accident songs I hadn’t heard yet and am so excited for the next album. Jonas and I had fun dancing our tails off (he wanted to do a lot of fast spinning). I meant to get a picture of us dancing, but didn’t think about it until the last song and ran out of time.

Building together for Week in the Life | The Nerd Nest

On the walk back home, Jonas talked about how glad he was that we got to do something just me and him. We usually talk over experiences afterwards, and one question that usually gets asked is “What was your favorite part?” This time, he answered, “Dancing with you.”

When we got back, the baby was sleeping, Jake and Eliza had just finished making a frozen pizza, and Eliza was building. They were watching the movie Next.

Snuggles for Week in the Life | The Nerd Nest

Jonas hopped in on the building, but then decided to snuggle with Jake and fell promptly asleep. Jake told Jonas to get up so he could put the baby in bed, but he drifted over and crashed onto me instead.

Get in those glazed over TV eyes for Week in the Life | The Nerd Nest

I played video games for a little bit while Eliza built more.

Eliza still building during Week in the Life | The Nerd Nest

She wanted to stay up late and finish. She showed me cool parts periodically, like the draw bridge that raises and lowers.

Use mirrors for Week in the Life | The Nerd Nest

Jake fell asleep before I got upstairs, and I read a bit before falling asleep too.

Those are the highlights of our Saturday! Are you doing Week in the Life too? Leave a link–I’d love to see!