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This week I’m participating in Ali Edwards’s Week in the Life. This time I’m sharing the highlights here on the blog and am journaling more fully in a notebook. Blurs are our foster baby.

You can read about my plan for the project here. I’m talking about Week in the Life on the ScrapGals podcast too!

Monday was all about Jonas.

Photos in the car for Week in the Life | The Nerd Nest

I love that Jonas wanted to wear this shirt of a dinosaur and the Kansas City skyline (by Two Tone Press) because we were planning on going to Union Station. He’s very particular about his clothes right now and mostly wants shirts with favorite characters.

We took Jake to work in the morning so we’d have the car for an end-of-summer adventure. (We are a one car family.) That was pretty early for Jonas, so he fell asleep in the car on the way back home.

Embrace the mess for Week in the Life | The Nerd Nest

The kids all played together in Jonas’s room for awhile while I got a tiny bit of work done. They made a big mess in there–usually Jonas’s room is the tidy one. I love how encouraging he is teaching the baby.

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After having his “Favorite Macaroni and Cheese” for lunch, we went to Science City. We have a membership and it is not only a great way to learn and have a lot of fun, but it’s also a good solution for days when outdoor activity is not so fun–it was way too hot for something like the park.

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Jonas was really excited that the UFO slide that was new, but not opened yet, last time we went was ready. He went down it at least a dozen times.

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The kids took turns picking exhibits to go to. I love watching them experiment and work together to figure out how things work. The water table is a favorite.

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Afterwards the kids each got to pick out something at Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory. They both went with ice cream–Jonas chose a bright blue bubble gum flavored scoop.

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We went straight from Science City to Jake’s parents’ house. Jonas tried to play outside, but lasted about 5 minutes because it was too hot. He and Eliza sat and watched some cartoons to relax for a bit.

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Jonas and Eliza stayed there while the baby and I went to pick up Jake from work (his office is close by). When we got back Jonas was “working” hard with Grandpa Timmy.

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Aba (short for abuelita) made us dinner–fried rice with chicken and steak. She bribed him to eat with some chocolate and he chowed down.

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Jake’s brother Corbin came home with his new puppy Frankie. Jonas was smitten. He had fun trying to pet him as the puppy wiggled all about and learned how to hold him gently while sitting down. Jonas followed the puppy the rest of the time we were there.

Jonas says, “He was a cute and adorable.”

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When we got home, Eliza read Jonas a few bedtime books while I Facetimed in for a quick Periscope with Tracie Claiborne from Scrap Gals (you can watch it for up to 24 hours after it was posted, I think.)

Then I read bits of the Lego Harry Potter book with Jonas in my bed before tucking him in.

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We weren’t home much today, so he didn’t have time to pick up his room from the playing earlier. He stripped down to underwear, I turned on his lava lamp, Jake and I gave him hugs and kisses, and he got ready for lights out.

Those are the highlights of Jonas’s Monday! Are you doing Week in the Life too? Leave a link–I’d love to see!

P.S. I’m sharing more shots on Instagram!