Organization Can Help You Be More Creative | The Nerd Nest

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I am not the most organized person. In fact, I might even win the messiest house award when stacked against my friends and family. But even though I’m a clutter bug and don’t exactly put dusting high on my list of priorities, I know that being organized is an important key in my creative work.

Having things organized helps me to know my options, helps me to work more efficiently because I don’t have to waste time looking for things, and it helps me to prioritize what I need to do. Organized doesn’t mean my spaces are going to be on a home decor site any time soon, but it does mean I can get creative work done.

Not all of us are wired to be nice and neat, but getting organized can help you create more effectively and efficiently.

Here’s an example: I will always always be a messy cook. I am an extremely clumsy person. I spill and splash and drop food all over the place and clean up is not the most fun (and it isn’t always prompt). BUT, having an organized kitchen helps me to cook efficiently. I have the tools I use most often visible and near the stove. I can get to spices in my cabinet in a flash because I can just spin around a turntable. My kitchen isn’t always spotless, but I know that I can make delicious meals in a short amount of time because I’m so efficient. Cutting down that cooking time means I have more time to be creative in the kitchen even when I’m pressed for time.

Having my workspace organized helps me to get more creative work done. Having my e-mail organized helps me to find information easily and keeps me from dropping the ball on collaborative projects. I recognize that without organization, I’d be unable to complete many of the creative projects want to do.

Organization Can Help You Be More Creative | The Nerd Nest

Am I always organized where I need to be? No. I’ve been looking through dozens of notebooks in hopes of finding the notes I took the last time Kristin and I had a video chat–notes that sketched out our next class. Yikes! Obviously I need to work on getting a system for my notes and lists. I’m also working on organizing the kids’ craft supplies. I’m looking forward to getting organized in more areas so I can create more!

What do you need to work on organizing so you can be more efficient in your creative work?

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