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Lately all of my projects are involved and time consuming, so I really wanted something I could do in an afternoon with the kids. The hardware store in our neighborhood has a fun collection of succulents and the kids love them.

Even though it’s just about the most stereotypical blogger project possible, I thought they’d really love picking out a few more for a cute centerpiece on our table. I love this option because it will last so much longer than fresh flowers, but still adds life and color.

Easy centerpiece -- Fish Bowl Succulent Terrarium | The Nerd Nest

Last week, @scrappingnic suggested I check out this post from A Beautiful Mess on fish bowl terrariums with aquarium rocks after I posted a Week in the Life picture of Eliza choosing succulents.

I didn’t end up actually looking up the post until now, but just the idea motivated me to make one. I had everything I needed except the plants (fish bowl, rocks, soil), so it was an easy choice.

Succulent Terrarium with kids -- just add dinosaurs | The Nerd Nest

I’m not sure I really love the fishbowl. The glass is thick, so it reflects light strongly and the view of the plants if often blocked. Overall, it’s super cute (especially with a bunch of toy dinosaurs living in there), but would be better with thinner glass. A different shape might be better too.

Colorful cactus mantle decoration | The Nerd Nest

Decorating with plants | The Nerd Nest

I ended up overbuying plants. I chose some cactus in addition to the succulents, but it was hard to place the cactus with the small opening in the fish bowl. I ended up putting them in their own containers.

Add color to your space with plants | The Nerd Nest

Bonus that this influenced me to clean up our mantle, which has been gathering junk as one of the few places in the house the baby can’t reach.

Use a variety of succulents for a fish bowl terrarium | The Nerd Nest

Here are the plants in there (for my own reference and in case you are curious): ‘Golden Glow’ Stonecrop / Sedum hybrid, Mimicry plants (Anacampseros rufescens and Anacampseros telephiastrum variegata), Sedum succulent, and Crassula marginalis Calico Kitten ‘Variegata’.

And the cactus: Cactus Strawflower (Eve’s Needle) and Cactus Moon Grafted (Gymnocalycium mihanovicii ‘Hibotan’).

Have you embraced the craze and made your own succulent terrarium? How is yours holding up? Any plant advice for me?

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