In 2013, I documented using Ali Edward’s Day in the Life concept monthly and it was one of my favorite projects ever. For the third year, I’m repeating the project. On the 4th of each month, I’m going to document my everyday life. I like having a set day because I won’t worry about finding a “representative” or “normal” day. Wherever the 4th falls, that’s what I’ll document. (In 2013 I documented the last day of the month, in 2014 I documented the 15th. This year, I let a random number generator decide.)

Here’s Saturday, July 4:

*Blurs are our foster baby.

July Day in the Life | The Nerd Nest

This time, Day in the Life fell on American Independence Day! This year was also the Anderson family reunion in Nebraska, which Jake’s (humungous) extended family hold every five years. Eliza went for the entire weekend with Jake’s parents, Jake and Jonas left in the morning to stay for one day, and I stayed back with our foster baby (because taking her out of state is a complicated process).

Jake, Jonas, the baby, and I went about our normal morning / breakfast routine, then I helped Jake and Jonas round up everything they needed. The baby and I waved them off around 10 AM and they set off for their 2 hour drive.

We spent an hour or so playing in her room, reading books, building blocks, making messes (her) and cleaning them up (me). I cleaned while she had lunch in the kitchen: did dishes, fixed our avalanche game closet, broke down boxes for recycling, went through mail and school papers to be recycled, and swept. Afterwards, I gave her a bath and put her down for a nap.

During her nap, I took a nice luxurious bubble bath and read. Then I took advantage of the quiet house to get some work done: I worked on upcoming posts for my workshop Pocket Your Year. Then I watched a bit of Season 4 of Game of Thrones while I ate my favorite salad for lunch.

When she woke up, she had a snack and I vacuumed (which she thinks is hilarious). We took a walk to the hardware store to grab ear plugs, played in the backyard on the swing set, then went back to book reading and mess making until Poppy (my grandpa) picked us up to take us to a family party at 5. He was so nice to pick us up. We have one car, and it was in Nebraska.

We had great food, great conversations, and lots of fun watching the fireworks go off. The baby stayed up all the way through the grand finale after 10:00PM–I couldn’t believe it! She loved it and so did I. I didn’t catch any photos of the starbursts in the sky because I was far too busy snuggling.

Poppy took us home, I got the baby all tucked in, I texted with Jake a bit to check in, then I read until I fell asleep.

July Day in the Life | The Nerd Nest

Jake, Eliza, and Jonas had a blast with all of the Andersons. There were SO MANY people there! That group shot towards the bottom? That’s just the Kansas City Andersons who made it up.

Jake brought his quad copter up and had fun flying it, the kids loved the slip n’ slide, and everyone had a great time visiting. (Not a fan of those sky lanterns–they set wildfires–but that is a gorgeous photo.) The Anderson party didn’t wrap up nearly as early as the one I went to–they were still setting things off and talking into the wee hours. Jake and Jonas thought they might drive back that night, but they stayed very late and ended up sleeping in Jake’s parents’ hotel room instead.

And that’s a very special holiday Day in the Life!