Current Projects

Lately I haven’t had a ton of extra time for projects, but I still sneak in small bits of crafting where I can. I’m always on the lookout for fun things I can do with supplies I already have or projects I can do with my kids. These four projects fit the bill!

Here are a few of the things that I’ve been making lately:

DIY Play Doh | The Nerd Nest

Jonas got out our big tub of Play Doh yesterday and most of it was dried out beyond usability. After a quick Google search, I realized that we had everything we needed to make our own at home. Play time saved! This tutorial from instructibles resulted in some fantastic play dough. Jonas and Eliza love cooking, so they were almost as excited about dumping the ingredients in the pot and stirring it as they were about playing with the actual finished result.

DIY play dough | The Nerd Nest

Dying the dough different colors was definitely the kids’ favorite part. We used a box of regular food dye and a box of neon food dye to get a pretty range of colors, even trying our hand at mixing a few and testing how different amounts of dye changed the color.

Now to make fun little sculptures with it!

Beach Painting | The Nerd Nest

This next project isn’t exactly recent. When we first received the hermit crabs and betta fish in March, the kids and I decided to make some paintings for them so we could spruce up their habitats. The kids made some great paintings, but I was iffy about mine. I set it aside for a few months, feeling like it wasn’t done and thinking about painting a palm tree shadow on the beach. I’ve finally decided to leave it alone, though (mostly because Eliza loves it the way it is), so I’ll call this tiny little project done.

Eliza and Jonas Painting | The Nerd Nest

Painting for crabs | The Nerd Nest

Paintings for fish | The Nerd Nest

My painting hides a few of the cords from the fish tank and the fish food, Jonas’s adds a pop of color above the tank, and Eliza’s act as a backdrop for the fish and company for the crabs. My bathroom has been more exciting since March, that’s for sure.

Use Loot Crate badges as magnets | The Nerd Nest

We’ve been getting and loving the monthly nerdy subscription box Loot Crate* for almost a year now. Each month, the crates come with a little badge showing the month’s theme. I tend to lose badges when I pin them onto things, so I thought the little collection would be more useful as magnets.

*Referral link. If you decide you want Loot Crate too, that link helps me to earn a little more towards future loot!

Remove badge backing to make a magnet | The Nerd Nest

Glue magnets on the back of badges | The Nerd Nest

Loot Crate badge magnets | The Nerd Nest

This project is quick and easy–just snap off the pin mechanism on back, hammer the back flat if needed, and glue a magnet on with super strong glue. (I like super strong E-6000 adhesive, but I make sure to wear a face mask and use it in a well ventilated area, as the fumes can be harmful). Now our nerdy stuff is being held up by nerdy stuff and that’s just awesome.

First heart friendship bracelet attempt | The Nerd Nest

Heart Friendship Braclet | The Nerd Nest

I made plenty of friendship bracelets as a kid and really enjoyed it. I inherited a giant bag of embroidery floss just waiting to be used, so this heart friendship bracelet tutorial looked like a fun way to step up my game from childhood. It took me a while to get the hang of it–I kind of botched my first try. But after that, this turned out to be a therapeutic while-watching-TV craft.

Jonas loves his braclet | The Nerd Nest

Making friendship braclets with Eliza | The Nerd Nest

Jonas loves his (I’m still going to need to add a clasp to it so he can take it on and off. It is knotted loosely for now.) Eliza likes making them with me. She learned a different type at school, so this week we’re planning on swapping bracelet designs and teaching each other.

Though the bigger projects I’m working on seem to be moving along at a snail’s pace, it is nice to get in a few small projects for creative release and a feeling of accomplishment! What have you been making?

This year it’s my goal to complete 52 Projects. Projects can be art, crafts, home improvement, tech, gardening, or whatever else my brain might venture into. They might be collaborative or independent. The point is to MAKE. I’m numbering in the order these projects are shared.

This is project 12-15 of 52! Check out the other projects: 1: Class Quilt / 2: Valentines with Eliza / 3: Crabitat / 4-7: Refinishing Our Hardwood Floors + Other Room Updates / 8: April Gardening / 9: Handprint and Footprint Butterfly Pots / 10: Ornate Frame with Clipped Photos / 11: May Gardening.