Family Currently | The Nerd Nest

I’m a big fan of rukristin’s Currently Challenge. I fill out a card (mostly) weekly, but this week, thanks to this month’s Nerd Nest Challenge to collaborate, I had my family join in.

Jake and Eliza wrote in their own words (Eliza is still working on hers), I asked Jonas the questions and recorded his answers, and since the baby can’t talk yet, I filled out her card based on observations.

Family Currently | The Nerd Nest - Eliza

Family Currently | The Nerd Nest - Jake

Family Currently | The Nerd Nest - Jonas

Family Currently | The Nerd Nest - Megan

I love getting down my own answers to these questions, but I like having everyone’s even more! My family probably doesn’t want to join in weekly, but I think having them fill out cards once a month or so will be fantastic!

How do you collaborate in memory keeping?

I’ll be adding takes I find to the Nerd Nest Challenges Pinboard! Share your links to past challenges too so I can add them. You don’t have to be a memory keeper in the traditional sense–these are great prompts for blog posts too!

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